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Windshield washer stopped pumping. Tank is full. Is there a fuse or could it be a pump motor failure. Rear wiper also stuck half way up.

Hello, just purchased a 2009 volvo s40 with 30600. this car just had 30000 mile routine service with diagnostic at 30300 no issues.never driving a s40 before not sure if this is normal or if its another issue. if it was something serious would it show up on diagnostics. thankyou this is worring me since it is a used car. it is still under warrantee but wanted to be sure it was a problem dealer is one and a half hours awoy. thanks again, Rob

What next?

and do the heads because the car is in excellent shape ?

car has a short

the car has a electrical system short.

Is it mounted on the canister? if so where is the canister located>

running lights,tail lights, liscense plate dont turn on dashlights on but no control

i have replaced master cylinder,proportioning valve dump valve,brake booster both front rotors and pads,rear drums and shoes!! can you think of anything else?? the vehicle has not changed at all . somone is gonna get hurt driving this no stopping peice of ..... oh yea i also replaced the brake computer as well.. i have been a professional gm tech for 25 years. this one is kicking my rear. please help??

it runs fine then suddenly stops accelerating then i have to stop the engine and switch on then it works perfectly for few miles the same thing i replaced all new plugs and serviced the whole fuel system what could b the problem

by a mechanice

i replaced the head gaskets and cannot find timing marks so how do i reset the timing

of my tail pipes how do i fix it

Lost my wheel lock key need replacement