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I have checked with noid light, pulsing fine, I have the top of it off and have checked and cleaned the spring in the fuel pressure regulator. I want to clean the injectors and see if they need replacing. Van will run if I pour gas in. Fuel pump is working, fuel up to it. Injectors aren't pumping any fuel in throttle body.

for seveal months, my low fuel light has been going on and off even though i have a full tank of gas. now my check enging light keeps going on and off. i took it to auto zone and they put the machine on it and the code is p0452. fuel tank pressure sensor condition. connectors, wiring, hoses and fittings are ok. so, does this mean that i need to replace my fuel pump?

No codes. Car has a remote start but it was installed 5 yrs ago. i think it has a direct short to ground but don't know where to start. Possible to eliminate remote start?

Items replaced to date, manifold cover, 3rd cat by muffler, spark plugs, injectors, down streem O2 sensor, fuel filter, air filter. Last code was 0136 the DS O2 sensor and 0 since install. Car continues to stumble at 30 mph. Can the 2 cats on the exshaust manifold be causing this. 2 mechanics have tried to fix I'm a friend, guess I must be last resort.

While drive on the highway at around 70MPH my engine started to race and the car acted as if it was not in gear. I pulled of the highway and noticed becasue lots of smoke. Not sure why my transmission overheated.
I flushed the system until new tranny oil came out but it still does not move.

This started about month ago. The fluid is a the appropriate level.

how do you change the fog lights on a lexus 2007 es 350?

stopped. It makes a clicking noise when I press on the horn

Every time I get gas it idles rough when it finally starts. About a minute or so later it runs ok.

I have owned this car for 4 years, and it has been a nice reliable vehicle. Until recently the cars rpms have been fluctuating up and down, sometimes up to 2200 rpms, and sometimes so low that it stalls, why??

The button won't push in on the shifter.

this is not the first time but it has not happened often. it turns over but will not start. it tries to fire 2 to 3 times but then nothing. what could cause this problem?

Monday in a light rain on an incline, I could not get the car to move without spinning the left front wheel. I could not get a gentle start. With winter approaching, this could prove dangerous. Does this car use a throttle position sensor instead of an accelerator cable? What is involved in replacing the TPS?

Hi, this only happens when the radio is on (ofcourse). Any action which utilizes current, such as stepping on the break which means the break light turns on, using a turn signal,turning on wipers gives me an audible "poof" like sound to eminate from the rear speakers. Clearly it must be the sound system (it is the original one) but I don't know where to start. Has anyone experienced this before and do you have any suggestions on where to start. I don't want to install a new radio since, once it's on, there is no problem with the sound...
Thanks in advance!

My car never slips out of gear other wise and it has only happened twice ever. The clutchis not the problem and i am thinking it might get too hot and that is when it slips out of gear. Any feedback would be appreciated...