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idle is rough
I replaced the engine and now won't crank, no fire at the spark plugs.I checked all the wires and everything is in place,olso replaced the crank sensor and still no firing. Is that my computer?.
I don't want to burn up the pump. What should I unplug?
The guy I got the car from said he replaced an o-ring in a sending unit above the cross member and it stop[ped the leak for about a year. Any idea what part he is talking about? I want to order a new part, not another o-ring, before I jack up the car and remove the cross member.
"AUX input device" pops up on radio screen while listening to cd or radio...I do not even use the aux input device...could there be a short in the radio with the wires? It cuts off my music and could happen at anytime. Very frustrating. What couild be the probem?
The clutch is not letting me change gears.
my yukon is a flex fuel model. I had to replace the fuel pump a while back and the mechanic installed the wrong pump. Anyway the deal is that the plug that was on the other pump was labeled A B C D and was side by side and also color coded. The plug I have now is labeled 1 2 3 4 and is square and all the wires are white. the plug itself fits around the outside of the plug on the fuel pump. Not the one that snaps into the plug I know one has to be a voltage source 12v (?) one would be ground and I believe the other two go the fuel gage. Whats the cross reference?
air bag was deployed and replaced and now it will not start is there a kill switch in it
I got both lights on the green n yellow but the green goes off the yellow stays on n it air low
Beautiful sound system but this speaker rattles like crazy.
1990 F-350, bought a box van that had the ignition punched. Have exact column from a Bronco I have but I'm having a problem disconnecting the shift rod from the lever on the column.
My 1996 lexus GS300 cruise control not working and no display for cruise control on the dashboard, airbag light always on, AND HORN ALSO NOT WORKING.
the battery light comes on while driving and then goes off, it never stays on for a long period of time
vehicle runs rough at idle like it wants to stall but never does feels worse while in drive at idle more than neutral or park but runs smooth when accelerating and driving. Also has an extended crank time after vehicle has been driven, first start of the day (cold) fires up right away. Vehicle is running rich as well.
i have a 1998 chevy tahoe, and my fuel pump has failed on me. when i look for the pump, im always given a pump w one electrical compomçnent, while mines has 2 components. oh, and the length is 10 inches of my fuel pump, while the others are smaller. having a difficult finding the correct part. any advice, or any info relating to the actual part number for my truck, as well as how much pressure is needed from my replacement fuel pump
Hi, my girlfriend was recently rear ended and when she took her car into a body shop they told her she needed a whole new bumper. She never had the work done and 6 months passed. I was in a scrap yard the other day trying to get a new interior door panel and i asked about the rear bumper, a few of the guys looked at it and claimed that it would not need replacing and that the body shop only wanted to replace it as the insurance was supposed to cover it. Anyways the guys told me that I should be able to take it slightly off and push it back on properly and then can take care of the scratches easily myself. So I went out today to try and look into taking off the bumper but I could not figure it out (and was also scared to experiment). My question is: How the hell do you get that bumper off and back on again?