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I replaced the lifters, Rockers, and now I am seeking info on the Head bolt torque specs. One more thing I am not sure if engine is 4.0L V6 or 4.0L SOHC. I was only able to see
4.0L SIR
It starts just fine but won't move when i put it in gear.
keyless fob willonly operate driver door door lock and not others
blower motor continues after engine turned off
I own one of these monsters (the Bravada) and I can not keep the EGR valve functioning.I replaced one 5 months ago and it's out again.It runs rough and idles poorly,blackens oil really fast,and burns gas really rich.
I recently replaced the spark plugs and wires.It seemed to run a little more smoothly.Then two weeks later it died on the side of the road needing the starter replaced.I replaced the starter and found that I had to replace the black battery cable as well.Now it runs worse than before, burns all kinds of gas and the only code that comes up when tested is the ERG valve.I am replacing it again.But what the heck is going on here? Is there anyway to prevent this again?
I bought this car from a car lot and the gauges do not work and they promised to fix them, for the last week and a half everyday I get a story. They have the new cluster but said the car shuts down when u try to turn it on because of the security system. And I have to watit for the key guy to come in because they have to flash the car. Is this correct, or r they pulling my leg?
dont know what the 4th gear switch is or location.
my pathfinder SE
replaced cam and crank position sensors
this happens every time stopping, the steering wheel pulls to the left when the truck finally stops. front brakes were resurfaced, power steering fluid checked, a little low, told by one mechanic it was the hydro boost. no warning lights or diagnostic failures
Coolant is leaking from a tube on the firewall of the passanger side. What would cause this. I just replaced the Radiator,water pump, fan,thermostat and hoses. the Heater did not work properly after the work was done about a month ago. Is it my heater core?
poor in reverse and check engine light on
Can anybody help me please
i just changed the fuel pum,fuel filter,and despter and now it dont get no fire
I can spray starting fuild into the breather and it will start and run fine, could this be the fuel pump is losing prime, if so should I replace it or is there another problem.