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the idle jumps up and down i replaced gas filter and the air filter i put some gas additive in to help clean injectors please help
the idle jumps up and down i replaced gas filter and the air filter i put some gas additive in to help clean injectors please help
had my check engine light on, tested car, po113 code came up. intake air temp, but where is it, can you send a picture or tell me
gauage will bounce from full to empty. I currently determine when to fill up tank by how many miles traveled
I am orginal owner of "01 Elantra with little over 46,000 miles. I have purchased 3 batteries in just over year and half. The battery continues to die. I have to have the car jumped on average 3 times a week. I have concluded it may not be battery but possible electrical. It in particular is bad about this in cold weather. The dome light no longer works, the clock does not work, and I have experienced minor electrical issues with the windows. Does anyone else have this problem and do you know what can be done. Admittedly, I am not car savy and not good with car language.
my rear bench motor for the rear bed just spins when i try to let it down. is there a way to let it down manually? and do you know where i can find just the motor for it.
i just got this van.what could i do to find out what is wrong.
I only have about 80000 miles on this car. Engine sounds and ru s great exct for this. This just started happening
After having air filter changed, car stared running rough. Check engine lights all on. Sputtering noise from tailpipe and does not accelerate well at all. Dealer said it was fuel injectors and changed them, but didn't get out of parking lot before lights came back on. Had 3 coils changed since then. Runs a week or two and same problem starts. It has 160,000 miles on it. Is it a short? Bad coils? Spark plugs? Or time to get rid of this car that I really do love? Any help is greatly appreciated!
rotors are worn. would like to do job myself.
All is good except when pulling fifth wheel, then power loss problems.
I tried to start the car but it wont start. The lights and power are still on but the car just wont start,Why?
My jeep stopped running on the interstate. When I pulled over, tried to put it back in gear, it would not go.
stater continue to run with ignition off
I have had problems with this before replaced fuel pump ans filter when had no fuel pressure then had code for cam postion sensor then replaced ran good now it has left me five times on the interstate going home dont know what it is car has 245000 on it now i let it sit now it will start then die right away with no accleration if you spray brake cleen in throtle body it will stay running.???