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Dodge dealer replaced TPS several times for high RPM during idle but they could not fix and I had to pay for the TPS's; A local service shop set the TPS calibration to .2 volts for it to idle correctly (it should be .5 - .6 volts); At .2 volts the check engine light stays on. I need to get the transmission repaired but they will not warranty work with the truck showing a bad TPS. Any ideas what the problem would be.
was told 2 deferent stories that you can replace front and rear seperate and was also told it comes in 1 piece
If I don't drive the car for couple days, the battery needs to be charge. I found couple cable unpluged on the battery coming from the right back of bunch of cables couple black ones what are those?
after changing the distirbutor cap that when the problem distirbutor cap wasnt tight.tighted down now it wont start turn ove but wont start
The last few days my truck has been idling ruff on a cold start (engine cold), enough to shake the hole truck, it goes away if i rev it up to 2000rpms and hold it tell the motor is warm then it will idle smoothly, i did put fuel from a passable dirty tank in it with some see foam added, not sure if its a fuel problem or just a timing issue, my uncle thinks its a fuel injector problem, any help appreciated thanks.

Its a 1988 F150 with the 5.0L (302) 4 speed 4x4
It is not electric pump noise but it is in the same area. car has 170,000 miles has been making this noise for about 10,000 miles
air or heat will not come thru these center dash vents, it is like these vents are closed but will occassionally open. HELP...
drive all parts have been replaced 2nd drivers window when almost rolled up the handle just spins window wont roll up tight anymore any help would be great thanks
the lite is red between the up-down buttons when the ignition key is in on position,always. top can only be manually operated. the shelf in trunk is in the lower position. any electrical troubleshooting or advice would be helpfull; motor,connections,switches, etc.
all the way all parts have been replaced 2nd problem drivers side window when rolled almost all the way up the handle just spins and the window wont roll up tight
when it reaches 3000 rpm it studders up and down
is it my battery cables?

Just replaced Catalytic converter and three of 4 02 sensors.
Check engine light back on and now flashing. Auto Zone checked codes twice and it keeps coming up with same codes, 02 sensors, the same ones that have been replace. Also now says it's miss firing. I am at a loss what to do next.
1994 divil concor
The car runs fine. Then, when I shut it off, It won't restart for about 10-15 minutes. This just started happening.