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i asked a question a couple of days ago and i got no responce .i am stuck as i dont know what it could all started after i hade the head done and i adjusted the valves.It sounds like the valves are in the intake very weird.I have tried readjusting valve same results.Your help would be very helpful thank you
has manual hubs, dash guage incicator lights when started and cycles out, switchlight dosen't light, hooked up scanner, show switch cycles from 2wd to 4wd,4wd off,4low off, 4wd drive power on, 4wd plat A open, b open, c closed, d closed
BOO off, cw shift motor off, ccw shift motor off clutch lock disengaged, dtc count 6 11.9v gem, checked fuses all test good any thoughts
The left signals work. The rights dont. I have checked the right rear bulb. I cant figure out how to get to the back of the front right fixture to check that bulb. How do I get there from here? and is it possibly something else?
The battery is ok but engine won't fire.
I feel the engine hesitate on slight inclines when I accelerate unless I floor it. Just recently started. Doesn't seem to make a difference how fast I am already going. At first it only happened at low speed but now also at higher speed.
It's an A4 2.8 L. Thanks!
Left hand side is black the right side,including speedometer and op and temp gauges are very dim and confused. All other electrical including lights work,trip meter OK, dimmer works on remaining dash lights(heater controls etc)checked fuse OK,thumped on dash,no result.
Would the wiring relay(where is it located?) have anything to do with this? Or can assume the the cluster just went south?
at what mileage or length of time should a belt or chain be replaced
I ran out of gas. The check engine electronics light is on. what do I do?
It also jerks when I put it in gear, what causes this?
when i put a new fuse in it keeps blowing out
diagnostic tests and says it's the catalyic converter. How do I know he is being honest?
Why is water on the driver's side
Failled the smog check because check engine light is not working at all
i'm building a all wheel drive buggy for off road use only.