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Is there something covering the area where the pads are located?

After i boost it off it runs fine, put meter test on it and somthings pulling battery very slow could it be alternator also?

How much will be the labor to replace it?

scanner code is PO102. I replaced the MAP sensor with an AC-Delco part.Also checked wiring harness & connector(O.K) Light did not go off.
Problem, car has a tendacy to hesitate at around 60 mph. Does not die & no MISFIRE.Transmission is O.K.
At times, Car has a tendacy to stall at idle.
Replaced the following:
Spark Plugs & Wires (AC Delco)
MAP Sensor(AC Delco)
Mass Airflow Sensor(AC Delco)
New Fuel Pump
New Fuel Pressure Regulator
New Fuel Filter
New PVC Valve
Oil change & filter
Cleaned fuel injector plugs
Cleaned Throttle body
EGR Valve(AC Delco)
Replaced coil packs(3)
Replaced all vacuum lines & checked for vacuum leaks(O.K.)

Car drives good upto 30mph and then it goes to neutral(both automatic and tiptronic). Last week I came to know that it was running low on transmission fluid because of leak. Dealer is saying it may be valve body but not sure or may be transmission rebuild.

dealer is telling me it should be changed at 100K

I just bought it yesterday the previous owner said it needed power steering fluid is it also possible that a smog check could have caused this.

When approaching a stop or slow down yield, the car transmission seems to jerk as it downshift.

I have a split the the connection nearest the fill side and leaking fuel when filling up. My main concern is reaching the smaller hose clamp that leads off to the right and connects somewhere under the car body. Would it be easier just to cut it and splice in closer to the access panel? Any recommendations as to where to get a hose connection?
Also would now be a good time to replace the fuel filter or is that more than i can chew?

I purchased a 2010 Mustang used and just had it to the dealer who told me it was missing a gravel shield. He said it was $290 to put on parts and labor. I am trying to find the part online but my search for gravel shield doesn't show any part by that name, at least that I can find. Does it have another name? It is bolted under the engine compartment to protect objects from flying up into the radiator and engine. Thanks!

lem. After about 10 - 20 turn the truck will crank and fall dead like a spark plug wire has come off of something, (it will then crank after about 7 - 10 turn) I replace TPS,Crank sensor, Camshaft Sensor, EGR, New Battery, Coil Pack, Wires and spark plugs

My Compressor was recently replaced. My Cold air is cold, then not so much and the same with my warm air. The check gauges light has been coming on when driving but nothing obvious seems to be wrong. I just noticed that when driving with the warm air all the way up and on full blast, after a little bit my light goes off, but then 2 minutes later it comes back on. Any ideas? It drives fine and there aren't any weird noises or anything that I've noticed.

Change the starter,altonator,and the battier,and still won't stay charged?

all i did was put oil in the car and got on the turnpike put it on cruise at 70 and about 8 miles in,it started lose power,no lights came on,for 5 mins then the check eng.soon light came on,whats the problem please?

my fiance opened it one day and now it wont shut. the handle is really loose?