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Toyota dealer says in addition to the Transmission Flush, he says I need Power Steering Flush. Total for both services is about $320.00.
I have no problems with any of the above systems.

My 1992 F-150, with the in-line six cyl 4.9L has a mysterious ignition problem. Between five and fifteen minutes after it is started, it simply dies and will not re-start, under any circumstances. The only way to get it started again is to disconnect the battery and let it sit for several hours, or even overnight.

After this, it starts again, with no problem.

As long as the battery is still connected, it will not start, at all. Even if left to sit for a month, it will still not start, but once the battery is disconnected, it will re-start, after a lengthy period of time.

I love this truck and have put a lot of money into some basic maintenance that the previous owner overlooked, for several years. It is driving me crazy that I cannot figure out what the issue is.

I have eliminated the coil, the distributor, the fuel pump, the vaccuum lines, and the "inertia switch" or fuel pump reset switch.

There is only one other thing I can think of, and that is the ignition control module. But right now I cannot afford to chance buying the thing, without being pretty sure that it's the source of the problem.

I have an idea it is the fuel pump, it stalls and only runs if I am pressing the gas

the diagnosis said : open or shorted solenoid. or open or shorted circuit condition

Was any one able to find a fix for the gas cap problem? If so how did you fix it?

tried to restart and wouldnt. changed fuel filter, seems to be getting fuel, check fuel at the fuel rail it came out with gas. So what is my next steps

whats the easiest way to replace alternator in 01 pt cruiser?

I ahve a 97' Olds Bravada that I bought a few years ago. It ran great when I bought it. One day I filled the gas tank, not long after purchase, and gas poured out. There was a "Mickey Mouse" hose going into the gas tank.(A garden hose to be precise) I took it to a mechanic and he had to replace the fuel pump. After that (and $600 later) I drove it from South Carolina to North carolina, about 3 hrs or so, without a single issue. After awhile I noticed it was sputtering a bit. I had changed out plugs and wires, O2 sensors, fuel filters, fuel pump filter, fuel lines...The truck runs on startup fantastic still, but when it warms up and I go to accelerate, it sputters harshly and stalls. When I shut it down and turn it back on it runs for a few seconds the stalls again. I can't drive 20 feet with it. I need to know what I am missing as far as causes for this. I am awaiting the results for a system code test, but my fther in law is a Mechanic and has been workin on this for almost 6 months to get me back on the road. I read somewhere about a sensor or valve located beneath the fuel injector spider assembly that is a common fuel system problem with this make and model. I need to know "ALL" additional problems with the fuel system that would cause this to happen. There is no loss in fuel pressure at all, but once the accelerator is pressed, it's like there is a huge hole somewhere cutting off the flow of fuel to the injectors. ANY help on this would be appreciated.

Thank you so much,

replaced gas cap and purge slonoid

The gear display on my late 1999 (same style as 2000) GMC Sierra is inop. If I replace the instrument cluster do I need to reset the mileage to the true value and if so how?

I know the actuator on the driver's side door needs repaired, since I can not unlock that door, not even with my key. Does this have bearing on the rear hatch as well or is there a separate acutator?

My 2001 Honda Civic LX currently have 150 K. Lately, I’ve been noticing few oil drops on driving side floor mat exactly below the accelerator paddle. While having the alternator belt replacement, I noticed an oil leak, around the bottom half of the engine but I am not sure why drops would appear inside the car on the floor mat. Please advise?

When we place the car in drive its not clicking into gear and is making a loud grinding sound.

The cruise control switch covers are rubber and have split. I need to replace them.