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While shifting from park into drive, the shifter felt tight and with a strong pull downward, it sheared off inside the steering column. I am looking for guided info to fix it. Procedures, tools, materials, etc. I am sure this has happened to someone else out there? Thanks.

Ok, my truck was rear ended whil parked in front of my house, part of the damage was to the rear end, she hit my left tire which bent the leaf springs and tweeked the rear end. I also noticed that the check engine light is on and the overdrive switch on the shifter is blinking. Her insurance company says this wasn't caused by the accident, I say bullshit, I've never had any problems with this truck.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I need ammunition for the upcoming battle with her insurance company.

Just had car serviced came home and light came on.Was not on before it was serviced. Could it be something they did on did not do when it was serviced?

Thanks to all the help I got so far, I can rephrase my first question, being more specific:

- What is the chance of overheating damaging the lower seals of the the wet sleeves of a Nissan VQ30DE engine?

It's been driven without coolant and overheated but did not shut down. After turning it off and letting it cool down, I realized vapor would come out of the exhaust at normal running temp on a warm day, so I had the heads removed.

Thank you all.

How do you reset the Check Engine Light afterwards?

I took to a Subaru service ctn and the code that came up was: "Found code for G sensor signal stick/motor relay off failure .. not preent at this time ... clear and road test... could not duplicate this concern." They instructed that if it came back on, to return to the service center. They were not sure what this code meant. They reset the senor and road tested.

i checked the alternator and it is in good condition, i also got a brand new battery but the alternator does not hold power, truck starts and all but if i run it the power will drain

need to view all plastic pieces in front wheel well of scoin XA 2004

glass moves left and right, but not up and down. Power fold works fine. What should be the cost for this to be repaired - suspect motor behind mirror is a problem. Dealer wants $50 to diagnose problem - and won't credit repair with this $50. I refuse to pay $50 to have them tell me its a motor.

It wouldn't start after stopping at the store.

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota v-6 3.9. The check engine light came on and I had it hooked up to a computer. The computer says Cam Position Sensor, but when I call around for the part, they say that truck has no part on it like that. I have already had the crankshaft sensor replaced. PLZ help me!!

if its in park or neutral; it runs great but in drive or reverse if i stop the engine starts to shake what causes that problem

The shop I go to says I need hi milage oil as apposed to the usual oil I get with a change... For which they charge an extra $10... Isn't simply using say 40w as opposed to 30w the same thing?

The front of the car's rear cross member where the steering rack sits is rusted/rotted out, Safety issue. Need a new front driver side upper control arm. Also the rear tires have severe inner tire wear. How much to shim the upper control arm to straighten camber? After all this, I will give it a 4 wheel alignment.

When trying to start - it is like it isn't getting gas.