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Mechanic was diagnosing a sporadic misfire. After reaching normal operating temp car would misfire randomly,at idle and during acceleration. At other times it would run fine/fire on all four cylinders. Mechanic said he inspected valves and found them to be loose. He adjusted them, cleared code. I picked it up from the shop and as soon as it reached normal operating temp it started missing again. Would loose valves cause a Sporadic misfire or would it cause a constant misfire.
I diagnosed and fixed a clogged fuel injector a week later.
My turn signals no longer work and I need to replay the relay, but I can't find it. the book says it's behind the radio - very hard to get to.
changed fuel pump, cleaned fuel filter,still no fuel rail pressure,I can hear pump come on, No codes.
I have a 2001 saab 9-3 convertiable, I can't open the top. I think the problem is leaking Convertible Top hydraulic cylinder seals.
Include in the estimate hangers and clamps.
window has fallen off track
and evaporative canister hose on lite went out and had lite cleared obd .had oil changed ,radiator flushed,at the same time and a code p0153 showed up when obd was cleared they said slow responce o2 sensor .got jeep home stop car and started car now it skipps lit is back on and blinking . please help .and god bless
My wipers (front) just stop working.
They did this twice now during a real heavy rain fall.
I notice the recalls are for the model 2008 not 2007, however, after checking the fuse, which was good, I think this particular year has the same PROBLEM.
What should I do to fix it? Mazda dealers want 100.00 just to diagnois the problem. THis is silly, since they obviously know there is a problem. I do not see the need for a new motor.. and dont want to waste the money on one if this is not the problem. How do I figure it out? HELP
Can anyone tell me exactly where the HORN is located on my 2009 KIA SPORTAGE ? I want to install a excellent
AIR horn by BAD BOY like I did on my FORD FOCUS. Thanks
1999 dodge ram 1500 v8 5.2 liter engine when it is warmed up and i,am driving it . it just shut,s off and won,t start again until it cool,s down
I am having difficulty lining the screw hole up.
The remote control does not lock the trunk, trunk button does not work, and there is a red light on the trunk button that stays on. The trunk has to be locked manually
I left work got to red light when I took off is when low gear was like a lack of pickup
I just got a 2003 dodge neon with 75k miles on the engine and transmission. I bought it knowing that something was not right in the drive train of the vehicle. When I put it in any gear it makes a grinding noise.
It happens when car is warm. Music pauses then Beep, beep, beep every 10 seconds or so.