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is there any way to check a relay other than replacing it with a new one.
Just purchased a new starter and the car still has intermittent starting problems
Put a brand new alternator in and the car still does not start. I'm wondering what the real problem is that is not allowing my car to start. Please if you have any answers for me. I would appreciate any suggestions that may fix the problem I'm having. Thank You
My daughter has had the water pump replaced twice in less than 6 months. the most recent a month ago. this time it worked fine for a few weeks after replacing with the 2 new water pump. Now it is leaking again real bad from the water pump seal. Can some one tell me why this is happening.
and where is the fuse for the tail lights inside or under the hood we just got this car the dealer changed the bulbs when we got it 5 days ago
The container is full of washer fluid, it is not frozen and looks like it's connected. One day it worked, the next day not... I don't hear a noise from a motor. Could it be a fuse? If so, now I need to know where the fuse is. If not a fuse, then I need to know how to put a new motor in. HELP...

I experience a rumbling sound similar to what you hear when driving over rough pavement starting at about 60 mph. It is less obvious when accelerating and more so when I back of of the gas. The tires were just balanced and there is only a very slight steering wheel shimmy at 60 mph.
I recently replaced my brake pads and did not go to a dealer. Traction engaged message appears when going uphill. For example, going up my driveway. Tires are not grasping. (Bought 4 brand new tires a year ago and have had them rotated twice) This has been happening frequently. Seems to drive a little rougher.
will the need of a coolant flush make the two coolant lights to flash
This only works sometimes.

Sometimes the window goes down sometimes half way and is being a problem because my mustang is convertible.also i will like to know about how much should paid for a repair of this nature probably is the motor or the regulator is not the switch because the other window works ok. thanks.
gear then the abs light go's out and it change gears ok but sometime harsh at time, and the acs light is off and on, had check and got code po733,, and i can change gears from 1,2,3,and drive it works ok. help
car dings - chimes when i go over certain bumps but no warning light comes on i checked tire pressure they are okay
well about 12 months ago i changed my transfer case motor because it stop shifting gears. it worked fine started shifting fine again, after like 7 months same problem occured went back to the dealer changed out the transfer case motor went back changed it thinking that was the problem again,but that was not it because its still not shifting gears, what would my problem be now... any suggetions on whats my problem now..
the engine acts like it is getting no gas. Is there a reset button for the anti theft?