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i checked the alternator and it is in good condition, i also got a brand new battery but the alternator does not hold power, truck starts and all but if i run it the power will drain

need to view all plastic pieces in front wheel well of scoin XA 2004

glass moves left and right, but not up and down. Power fold works fine. What should be the cost for this to be repaired - suspect motor behind mirror is a problem. Dealer wants $50 to diagnose problem - and won't credit repair with this $50. I refuse to pay $50 to have them tell me its a motor.

It wouldn't start after stopping at the store.

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota v-6 3.9. The check engine light came on and I had it hooked up to a computer. The computer says Cam Position Sensor, but when I call around for the part, they say that truck has no part on it like that. I have already had the crankshaft sensor replaced. PLZ help me!!

if its in park or neutral; it runs great but in drive or reverse if i stop the engine starts to shake what causes that problem

The shop I go to says I need hi milage oil as apposed to the usual oil I get with a change... For which they charge an extra $10... Isn't simply using say 40w as opposed to 30w the same thing?

The front of the car's rear cross member where the steering rack sits is rusted/rotted out, Safety issue. Need a new front driver side upper control arm. Also the rear tires have severe inner tire wear. How much to shim the upper control arm to straighten camber? After all this, I will give it a 4 wheel alignment.

When trying to start - it is like it isn't getting gas.

car has been sitting in yard for two months.started the car this morning heater makes a noise in all setting heat works defoster works a/c works

Is this quote in the ballpark? And how about if they have to re-machine the cylinder head for warpage?? And who can I trust to do the work?

this morning van suddenly vibrated and made a serious chain like rattle from under dash only lasted a minute and was gone was traveling on highway clear and dry ,traveling straight

i used 0-40 mobile oil when i crank it up it make a tappin noise in about 5 minutes it goes away

This is a new truck to me, service unknown. Starts up fine, idles with a slight roughness. Most people wouldn't notice anything. Drives fine until about 2000 RPM, going up a hill, or during acceleration, the check engine light flashes. The check engine does not come during slow driving or during idle.
I've given it a complete tune up. Oil, Oil filter, gas filter, spark plugs, wires, rotor, cap, coil. Next I was going to check the compression of cylinder #6. Oh yes, prior to changing the oil I added Seafoam to the crankcase, ran it for a few minutes then changed it.

engine was cranking, voltage shows 14 plus volts, then it faded to nothing - smell of plastic, now no crank