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Where is the heater core located on 2001 Ford windsatr?
How to replace the crankshaft position sensor on a 1999 nissan pathfinder
At what mileage should I do this. Even if I don't have any problems. It's running great.
exploder jumped time
V6, Charge of battery at rest: 12.6V, after car starts: 13.75V, new battery, I suspect the connection cable connections to the battery are bad.
car starter worked intermittenly and just stopped altogether
was starting accidently hit gas, tries to fire but smells of gas will not light up does try to fire
The switches are all good. The relay and the fuse are good.
The book says that there is an Electronic Control Module but does not tell exactly where it is, what it looks like, or how to tell if it is the culprit.
front vents?
I have the same problem like one of our friend here.I replace multiple parts; all upper and lower ball joints, aligment 3 times, 4 brand new tires, new steering box, and joint components, new rear air shocks and other things that I can`t remember at this time and the truck still wonder side to side. I put air shock because I carry a lot of tools and I notice it got lower in the back a little bit and I want to distribute the weight . Now the truck look even like factory. It gets worse when it hits a bump. I can`t go in the expressway because it gets very difficult and dangerous to drive. Some times I let the steering wheel go and it drive straight until I hit a bump. In the expressway right after I pass the 40 mile per hour mark ,bump or no bump it start to wonder side to side. I hope if anybody found a soluccion for this, let me know, It will be very appresiated.
I replaced the Evap solenoid valve already. Did not replace the hoses that came in the kit. The hoses that are on the car look good still. Car runs fine but the code P1472 keeps coming on. It will stay on for several days and turn off for a day then come back on.
Any other suggestions of what it could be?
i have poor take off and shudder after shifts.
My rear wiper works correctly when turned on but when turned off it has a mind of it's own. This tends to happen in streaks. For weeks it will be good then it's constant on or intermittent for a few days. How do I trouble shoot to determine whether it's in the switch or the motor.
While driving, the passenger and rear passenger windows began going up and down and then finally stayed down. Once home, we let it sit and then after a few hours they rolled up. It was snowing outside and someone mentioned our window weatherstrip seals are bad and water got on the regulator. Not sure where the problem would be - any thoughts before I start buying random parts to try and fix?
self diagnostics