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ive tried everything i can to find out how many amps it is and i just cant figure it out

oil is at the right level

Tried replacing the Front diff actuator indicator light just blinks will not go into 4WD, tried replacing the switch same thing, tried TCCM same thing, tried encoder motor same thing. Got the codes read I have a C0226 LF wheel speed sensor. Its 80 bucks don't really want to replace if I dont have to or if it does not fix my problem.

I would like to know how much on avg. does it cost to get the radiator flush

The starter has already been replaced not sure what is causing it.

my remote starter will not work and the diagnosis at the dealer was to change out the hood latch/ switch. I need to know if this is going to be as simple as it looks. three bolts, the cable for opening the hood and a wiring harness. Do I need to remove the battery cables?
thanks, Yoder

E500 is shaking while driving.. not sure what's causing. is something wrong with transmission? There is no error on the console?

The squeal lasts @ 30 - 60 seconds.

the key no longer goes all the way into the ignition

lipped rotor, don't understand the terminology; can you advise?

was a little sluggish lately starting then yesterday cranked over but no start, jumped it went bought new battery and installed and not even a glimmer of a light or any kind of juice, will jump start but when dies or turned off...NOTHING at all.

i have a 2008 toyota corolla s with an automatic trans. lately when im driving the car feels like it completely looses power and then opens the throttle really slowly. and at stops it idles pretty rough and over 1 thousand rpm's. any idea what that might be?

driving about 55mph..accelerating to pass or increase to speed limit, car will slip from 5th into neutral.can hear engine rev; car does not get power though. stick stays in place. lasts a second or so, then will go back into gear. & rattling/clunking noise also. just started-but have had problems in 1st gear b4/jerking when accelerating from a stop. 5 speed.

i installed a new alternator and it still stays on

How much should it cost for a head gasket, piston rings, timing chain and tensioners on a 4 wheel drive model?