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After the brief (and pretty loud) whistle, I hear a low whistling noise when driving in first gear....I dont have any problems with driving, or any loss of speed....its just the whistling noise that is really getting to me.

This whistle happens every time I turn the car on, and its running at low speeds of <20mph. I live in Hawaii, if that matters - its 70-87 degs here.
i changed oil,oil filter and air filters all i did took it for a test drive and it was iddling and wanted to turn off never did it before please help
The car rides like new some days and then the noise comes
today engine emission light came on.engine started to miss at idle as well as while driving.
put it in 2 clicks then started to bolt it to the motor and it wasnt coming together. and the torque would not spin. cannot get it to go in any farther.
the check engine light went on and seems that I need to replace the canister
I t just stopped and wont start again
I checked the fuses in the left kick panel and didn't find any that was bad. I checked them with a meter. I also checked the fuses under the hood at least any that made any sense to be connected in that line. And now the left rear tail light doesn't work either and the bulbs seem to be good I checked them and cleaned the ends to make sure of good contact.
dont know what is wrong
You can just hear it. Is this normal for this car? Runs great otherwise. Does this car even have lifters with the overhead cam system? My father in law is selling the car to me and the noise is worring him. He is hard of hearing and does not hear the noise. I told him that I heard the noise when we were out to see them in Dec.
I am about to replace water pump and planning to replace belts and tension pulleys but when is time to do timing chain?
my diagnostic check indicates that cylinder 5 is misfiring.
My G550 was staling randomly on the road when I first got it, the dealer took it in for service and upgraded the software, the problem is better, however the G550 still stalls in the automatic car wash, and the tachometer bobbles during the heavy rinse wash and blower section. Dealer took it back and confirmed water spray or compressed air blown into the wheel wells, would cause the engine to stumble.
The dealer told me nothing was wrong and this was normal because water was getting into the air intake located in the fender area and the recommended cure for this was "Do not take it to the car wash"...?
I find this a tad unusually for any car or truck, more less one that is as seasoned as this one, and one made for off road conditions, it should not have any issue with water splashing in the wheel wells. I find the dealers suggested cure absurd.
I've been having this problem with my car for a few weeks. The acceleration just seems to keep getting worse, along with my gas mileage. Sometimes the car will simply die while I am idling or even slowing down. I tried new spark plugs, using a higher grade of gas, and gas treatments but nothing seems to help! HELP!!
alldata it tell you to move the the camshaft a 1/2 tooth on mitchell a tip tell not too? what is right???