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while replacing said shaft note that it is seated properly in the trans it moves around excessively and i am concerned the seal may be damaged
Replaced the engine but it won't start. It will turn over but not start. Transmission lights flash PRD54321 and panel reads NO BUSS
my ford escort is making this squeal noise when i hit the brakes does that means i need brake pads and if so how much should i paid to get new brakes ?
Dose the drive shaft have to be removed, I just bought the car and do not have the manuals .
While driving my jeep liberty 2006, the engine stalled and would not restart, On checking i found oil in the air intake and on the filter.Could this be the reason for engine stall, and how can oil get into the air intake?.
Does anyone know where I can get download a free service manual? Where is EGR valve located and how difficult of a repair is it? Thought I'd try changeing it out before bringing to shop. Any insight and help would be great.
I was wondering if theres an O-ring that might be bad in that connection that I could replace or do I have to replace the whole hose.
At 116K on a Volvo S40 1.9T, per Volvo, what scheduled maintance should be done to the car? And how much will it cost me to do the repairs?
96 mazda protege has bad oil leak burns off exhaust
its a 96 protege lx 1.5
The radio works great only sometimes. When it doesnt only the driver side front speaker works. Does anybody know what may be causing that?
I have put new vavle seals,new timing belt,new water pump and gaskets in. I put C Foam in the oil and gas tank. When reving the engine up to 2600-2800 rpm alot of somke is coming out. It has 118,000 miles on it so I don't think it's the piston rings but I went ahead and put Restore in it to work on that also. The spark plugs has oil and looks burned right after I gave it a tune up. It feels sluggush in 1st and 2nd gear then kicks in. The leak down test shows compression at 125-155. I need help please!
code p0301 and overheating. replaced thermastat,water pump, and radiator plus it does not put heat out with the heater on
Now all I see is "check engine" on the dash.
I was at the gas station.
I filled up when I got back in and tried to star it up the whole electrical system went dead.