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The door controls dont work. When I press the seat heater light comes on but does not stay on. So I figured not the door control since it must have power. What about fuses or any type of modules? Seat was put all the way back and down and left there for several days. When returned it would not move at all. difficult to look under the seat since it is pushed down.

Only happened once.

My husband has a 2001 Mazda Tribute. It has 120,000 miles on it. We recently had his oil change in his car two weeks ago and were told that his Master Cylinder has just started leaking. They quoted us $500-700 to replace it. Does that sound about right or should we get another quote? We go to Meineke and so far their prices have been reasonable for stuff that we needed to get done on our cars.

when locating the sensors there are two of them one of the is in the front of the metal piece and the other is about 6 inches behind it and in the middle of the piece. I need to know which one is sensor 1 bank one so when i try and replace it i dont replace the wrong one. also the cheap bastards who make the replacements make you splice the wires if you dont feel like speding 3oo plus on the part. please help me

which hose is the thermostat located ?

and why is it draining my battery

while raising window, there was a loud pop and window fell into door. can move window freely by hand but won't stay up. nothing happens when push button, no movement and no sound. how can I determine what is wrong?

why it happens when the car is off
why it happens when its parked

causing to denergize my battery and die

At a stop light my heat-air coming out of the interior vents go cold and warms back up when I start moving again. The Heat gauge is in normal operating range and coolant level is normal.

Returning last night from a holiday trip, my tail lights would not operate. This happened before, several weeks ago, and I simply turned the light switch (turn signal column) until they worked. This simple remedy did not have any effect last night, and we had to drive 200 miles with the emergency flashers on to reduce the possibility of being hit from the rear, in the dark.

The rotors are very noisy, and that indicates that the rotors are very worn.

Had brakes replaced in June 2011, Now getting this msg, what could be causing it?

What could be causing this?

Something else ... when shifting gears (manual transmission) the engine tends to rev up. Had trouble figuring out the correct vacuum hose assignment as the truck seems to have different components than the drawing under the hood or in a professional repair manual.