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I have 100,000 miles on my car and i would like to know what needs maintaining. Thank you.
What is a good source for a replacement trans?
The tack will drop to 300 to 400 rpm, almost stall then its fine. The colder it is the more or longer it does it. When the weather is warmer it will quit after awhile and in summer time it runs fine. The heater ac motor has a ticking noise when on and of course ticks faster has you turn it higher. I would like to change that also, but it seems to stall faster if its on but in hot weather with ac on there is no problem. How can I stop the stalling and how do I change that blower motor, I tried but cant get at some of the bolts. Is there a easier way?
Only stalled three times within 2 miles--starts right back up! Parked it ! Possibly fuel pump?
Trouble code reported p1457. Is the a valve, and what should be done to correct this problem?
the ignition switch was left on over morning we charge the battery and now the truck will not start.before the key was left on the truck ran great
randon stalling, no patern, stalls out then backfires whentrying to restart. replaced coil, distributer plate coil, plugs, wires, dist. cap and roter,idle air control, and the other sensor on the throtlebody and cleaned throtlebody. i'm out of ideas,,,please help.
I would like to know if anyone knows a good mechanic who can fix my exhaust manifold in Voorhees/Cherry Hill, New Jersey area. I have 180,000 miles and really don't want to spend a lot of money. Honda Dealership wants $1100.
all the tail lights works but when i turn on lights at night i dont have trailing lights. nor do i have lights in headboard.
P0420-Bank One cap efficiency, P0172 System Rich bank one. Have replaced ignition coil,spark plugs,wires, both 02 sensors and catalytic converter. Ranger is still running rough,fuel too rich, sometimes a smell like when clutch is burndt. Loss off power and misfire. There is also a k&n filter installed. Please advise what else I need to replace. I tried cleaning the MAF sensor, CHECK ENGINE LIGHT GOES OUT FOR ABOUT t that on MIN<ENGINE DRIVES GOOD AND THEN IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN< SAME ISSUE> Any suggestions? 97 Ford Ranger splash 4.0L 5speed
The passenger window should go down a slight amount when the door handle is used; the window should return to the full up position when the door is closed. The driver side works normally, but the passenger side works correctly only a small percentage of the time. The electric window switch works normally. What is the likely problem and can I fix it myself?
i was told to drive the car and that would reset it
Isn't this a bit early to need rotors?
misses wires are in order
feels and sounds like up front noise only when brakeing. i havnt heard any loud metal noise.