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Car starts right up, however, it stalls.
Car can be reved up when it is started but it stalls again.
Santa fe passenger side power window switch
was running good right before checked dip stick had to much oil but didnt add any oil before
Power steering hoses leak and transmission gasket also leaking
Water does not collect in the back, just the front. The more rain we get, the more water in cab. It almost seems to be coming in from the bottom of the doors. Have tried to seal this area, no luck. Have tried to seal other areas such as windshield, rearview mirrors, etc. Have heard that it could be A/C unit but it is flooded on both sides. Really need some ideas and no $$ to go to shop.
Before replacing an oil pressure switch, a professional mechanic will first determine that the oil level and condition are okay, that the oil light electrical circuit is operating normally, and most importantly, that the oil pressure is within the manufacturer's specifications.
Instrument panel lights staying on, was wondering if this is caused by the fluid leaking into the alt. I appreciate any feed-back.
We live in Florida and this occurs all year long, thru humid and dry weather. Our mechanic say's not to worry but there seems to be more white smoke on the first start up of the day. This has been occuring for approximately one and ahalf years now. Any and all help/suggestions is appreciated.
most of the time i cant even reach the radio
Changed Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor.
Changed Air Intake volve Sensor
My air is not cold, in my H3?
I have 160,000 on truck and have owned since brand new. Never really had any problems with it but have always had a slight knock especially on startup. Bug has gotten worse and does not go away.
also i get vibration wnen stepping on brakes (the steering wheel shakes) is this also a result of the bad front wheel bearings?
My brakes just went out on 90 cad. What could be wrong and how can I fix it for cheap?
I was told by a friend I have a cracked heater core, I don't know! I have what looks like steam or smoke & the smell of the radiator coming thru the vents on the interior. Also I have what looks like corrosion & rust in the radiator reservoir.