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I am the sole owner and driver of my truck which has 180,000 miles on it. I replaced my factory-installed brakes and rotors for the first time at about 95,000 miles. Since then, I have had to replace brake pads, turn rotors, replace rotors multiple times - I think it has been 4 times. The most recent replacement was all pads and rotors about 10,000 miles ago and now I am having trouble with pulsing again. I can imagine that I would get slightly fewer miles now than when my truck was new because I don't do as much highway driving now. But, I would think I should be able to get 50,000 from a set of brakes. How can I get this problem fixed?
This only happens in reverse.
I have a 2009 accord and I am approaching 30K.
it is making a howling sound runs great shifts fine checked wheelbearings their okey . maybe transmission?
After a 300 mile trip, with Transmission working as it should,I stopped. A couple of hours later I started again and found it would not shift into 3rd or 4th gear.
Transmission shifting from Park/Neutral into DRIVE Delay with some impact thud. About every third or fifth time.

Transmission has always been fully serviced every 30,000 miles.
So I stopped the car on the side of the road and wanted to start it again, but the battery was dead. So I used a charger, the car started and then I drove a few meters and it cut out again. I had engine power/light but no spark and no fuel spraying to fire the engine up. we checked all the fuses and they are all fine, we looked and the car gets no spark and no fuel, but we hear the Fuel Pump working. Please HELP....
hi guys /gals is it possible to stop leak around fuel injector with some kind of spray that revives o ring on injectors .i was told u can like a temporary fix.will belt conditioner work?
Fuel gauge failed, but fuel pumps works. what is the cause?
I need to replace the coil for cylinder 2 on my Patriot.
After leaving lights on over night my battery died. After jump starting truck the correct way my Att check light came on and the titan is in limp mode (only gesr 3 or 4). I scanned some codes and cleared them but the code p0720 vehicle speed sensor keeps coming back. I have seen many questions about this on net but no fixes. I don't want to replace the vss a/t if that's not gonna be the fix. I also reset the ecu and ipdm. Neither helped. Also tested every fuse and checked power and amps to fuses, battery and wire harness going to tranny. Need help bad please. I can't risk driving and burning up tranny. Also if I do replace the vss do I have to drop tranny or is it accessible.
A/C specifically
who ever had thecar before cut out the back deck and i need a new one
my check engine light is on and i thought maybe i will change the o2 censores first opose to changing the convertors.
my check engine light is on and i thought maybe i will change the o2 censores first opose to changing the convertors.
looks like a bearing race on my torque converter keeps dumping trans fluid on ground.. ive pulled motor 3 times do to this what do i do now?