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Heater was working fine one day then it just stopped working, blower works fine. Heater core and valve original equipment.

I went to a german car repair shop and they said I needed a Yah sensor ($1895.00)and new trans ($4,750.00). My car cuts out when you step on the gas and doesn't shift correctly.

One is resting on fuel line. Do I have to replace all of them?

At high speeds, the car wobbles when changing lanes. The car doesn't turn as firmly as it used to, and the roads in Seattle are the worst. Makes me think that all the potholes have finally taken its toll on the struts, and possibly the shocks too.

Have to wait for car to warm up for transmission to engage. Once warm it runs good, except the cruise control will activate by itself.

when starting auto rear hatch door alarm is shown. can reset on steering wheel but that only clears alarm for now.
where is sensor or how can i bypass it

This car is equipped with a back-up "chirper". The chirper sounds whenever the car is in reverse gear. How can I disable this chirping sound?

Shop says timing belt replacement is recommended along with a few other things totaling $945

do I have to replace to whole clutch system? I don't have problems with the gears, doesn't slip, it stays engaged, but my clutch pedal is releasing higher. In first gear there seems to be a little bit of play in the stick but does not come out of gear.

How often do you change the timinig belt?

when i start it on a cold day it makes dis tappin noise sound like it comin from d engine five minutes later it will go away it just started dodoin it

noise it didnt used 2 do dat what u thunk d problem is

i bled my brakes in the pattern that was given to me from your site and my brake pedal goes almost to the floor before i have brakes is that the way all saturns are or just mine

I bought this car not running and was told the computer is bad. I want to be sure that is not a bad ground or fuel pump. I checked the fuses, the fuel pump does not come on with the key. I also tried some starting fluid and it made no difference.

Engine light came on and took to shop said code for oxygen sensors replaced didn't make any difference returned (same code)then they said it was a false code that I had a burnt wire replaced wire after 2 hour diagnostic check at 80.00 per hour
then did "fuel cleaning " 99.00 also showed me a cracked not burnt fuse replaced it. Jeep still running bad returned they put second set same sensors in More $$$ Jeep still running as bad as before. Got 2 blks from shop engine light came back on says oxygen sensors OK this was the jeep dealer certified repair shop . The car actually has a shudder and vibrates which seems to get worse the longer it is driven really bad on idle seems to be using more gas and sounds just like a diesel pick up truck. This jeep had 58300 miles when problem began shop can't figure it out OMG HELP think cause I'm a girl I get 99.00 fuel cleaning Bottle of heat) treatment (didn't even clean fuel filter) The car does not misfire and engine sounds fine I refuse to believe that my Jeep is done for but have been told by shop to look for new car. I have read that this year has trouble with carbon build-up from manifold could this be the problem? Or vacumn leak or exhaust leak if it was cat converter wouldn't it code? Thought I saw similar problem on here but was never resolved. PS took to another shop and they checked harness and could not find a spliced wire from prior repair? So maybe I had a burnt wire maybe not???