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My check engine light came on 5 days ago, but I assumed it was due to my exhaust. I believe I need my exhaust replaced as it is extremely loud when I drive it. But why won't my car turn over??
Been taving problems with loss of power at certain times while driving.
Just noted on 160,000 miles.
is it an electronic component?
kill swicth in the trunk, why wouuld that be done , there was a problem with the fan running when it, wonted to,,, running down the battery,but now the relay juction box is melting from a shortage some were,and I.ll need to replace the box, but frist I;ll need to find the reason for the short,any find back,
My dash was taking a loose and my heat and air hasn't work since.
but all other lights are working..
Last night the windows and speedometer were working fine woke up this morning and no speedometer reading and windows not working how do i tell if a fuse is blown .
these problems seem to be common of a montero sport, but confuse mechanics. just replaced a totally dead battery, then had the alternator tested as well. these now work fine, also replaced the 60amp volt. the car also burns through oil really fast and we have to top it off like every 200miles, the car has 286000 on it.
I don't here the air compressor run anymore and ride is stiff.
My car has been serviced three times with the first repair for code P0401 where all my EGR sensors were changed, engine light stayed out 1 day, light appeared back on ,had it checked code P0174 shows up with code P0401 mechanic checked it again said he had to clean vacuum hoses, ok engine light out for 1 day appears back on on 2nd day ,i also failed inspection iam ready to throw in the towel i have 30 days to have repairs done before re-inspection ,what should i do next please help the car also has a burn smell .
When i start my truck it runs fine for about ten second. then the rpms ease down and it begins to sputter(in park and neutral)acting like it wants to die but in drive and reverse it runs great Whats causing this?
in the coolant pump, there is a run-off hose that continually drips coolant.why?
is there a problem with my thermostat? i recently changed the thermostat-housing because of a crack. do i need a gasket in there too for a vacuum seal or something? HELP
1984 Nissan 300 ZX, Water pump is leaking, I have never done this before, but I am a Honda Mechanic by trade, and a neighbor asked me to fix his car.
I was quoted 700.00 for repairing an oil leak behind the timing plate. Is that near right?