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My car is a 97 Toyota Camry. The check battery light stays on while driving today. Before today the check battery light would stay on for a little while after ignition. Two weeks ago my car died on the road, and it turns out the battery wasn't charging. So I replaced the battery, and it had been fine since then. I took two 100mile trips over the past two weeks and experienced no problems. But the check battery light suddenly came on today. My car still runs right now, but God knows how long it will keep going. I did go to autozone to check the alternator, and without ignition on the reading was 12.5v, and it stays the same with ignition on. I checked the alternator belt, and it seems to be fine. So is it the alternator or the regulator or the wiring? How can I know? I'm going on a long trip next week, so please help me out asap. Thanks a lot!
It is the plug on the back of the engine block (Closest to fire wall) And from what I gather, behind the fly wheel. Is there any way I can replace this myself in my parking lot????
Ive changed the water pump, spark plugs, flushed out the radiator, checked pressure an even put sealant in to seal any unseen holes. The car doesnt leak. Also put new gasket seal on the head. After about 1-2 mins of driving its still over heating! Please help. Dnt know what else to do but sell the car which I dont want to do.
now i have to drive the van like its standard the rpms wont kick down
when i drive it the rpms go up fine but have a hard time shifting and i have to drive it like its standard i have three readiness codes egr valve. sec air system. heated cat. im not sure if this issue has anything to do with that but please help me it has no egr valve just a secondary air injection
how do i clean the intake without removing it or can i my code is p0401
Original exhaust system rusted together barely holding on (one hanger only). Cat Converter cover gone. So whole system.
The alternator is not working and need to be replace. The cv axle need to be removed to replace altenator
I have a leak in my air condition, have put freon in in about one week it was working and then it got warm did not hold the freon. but i really want to know where is the evaporator located at.
I need to replace the purge valve, and need to know where it is.
and also the light bulb on the turn signal for the windshield can not see any of them at night. I hope you know what I am talking about.Thank you Debbie
new plugs proper firing order 35 to 40 psi fuel "at the rail" press good, vacuum good, OH ANd motocraft cap and rotor and the best part check eng light works at bulb check but still no dtc. it mises bucks and jerks at highway speed and pings when pulling a long hill....pulling my hair out please help!
If so, does the throttle body housing need to be removed 'cause it's backwards (toward the rear).
there's clicking noise coming from the fuse box next to the battery, an battery life is poor what can i do to prevent this???....
I just purchased a 2011 Suzuki Kizashi with about 14,750 miles on it. I happened to notice that the tailpipes are very black on the inside. However, I didn't notice it until after the sale. I was taught that this could be symptomatic of future engine problems. Is there cause for concern/worry?