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Mechanic says the valves in the intake manifold have carbon on them. He put some cleaner in the motor through the purge valve to clean it but still have the noise Whats up? What do you think? The car is real nice looking but it is embarassing when the car is idleing and it sounds like an old junk box.

I was riding and I noticed the oil light come on but I do not know what kind of oil I am supposed to put in it. It is my first luxury car and I do not want to mess it up.

on the hill it acts like it is running lean.last summer I replaced the fuel pump,and the fuel filter, I also put in a washable air filter when I got the car about 2 years ago. I looked for a diagnostic tool to read the codes but to pricey for me right now.

no fuel at engine, good ground at pump conect. bad voltage at fuel conect.

I have a 98 chrysler town and country all of a sudden while I was driving the front end starting grinding bad. The brakes have been replaced. I just want to know what else it could be.

The front bumper and hood are "unbolted" from the car.. about how much would it cost to get it put back on??

can not get it to run period.

im trying to put front seats from a 12994 tercel into a 1993

i cant get my hubs too engage can any one help me out?

Just dont wanna start

The car has been making a loud noise. Repair shop says it needs a new exhaust sytem and new catalytic converters. Cost equals $1300. The car has less than 60K miles.

My car has only 45000 miles, but is 9 years old. So, I'm wondering if I need to replace the belt and how much it would cost.

Today I had two issues. Went to car and remote would not open door or trunk and a clicking was heard under the dashboard. Roadside assist came and jumpstarted the car but then I was unable to move the shifter out of park - a neighbor said the brake lights were not lighting as I depressed brake. Car was towed to local mechanic but I just am trying to figure out what it might cost as I am disabled and don't have the money at all. Oy

put in a new battery still nothing

I need to replace a parking and turn signal bulb in my Suzuki XL and want to know how to do this