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usually cuts off or want go over 30 miles an hour. If you stop and cut off the engine, wait 5 minutes it will run fine, until next time.. what are some of the things this could be?
it mean by that happening
Toyota dealership told me it would cost $756.00.
then got a code to change the o2 sensor. still misses @ idle... pulled a code for maf sensor, changed that. still misses.. now a multi plug misfire... What other possible things can I change????took it to the dealer, After 100.00 bill for diag. they say it needs serp. belt cracked, valve covers seeping, and motor mounts broke... WHAT the hell does that have to do with the misfire at idle.... it runs great @ operating speeds. HELP....
I don't want to be ripped off as I am a 62 year old single female and live on a fixed income....
Mechanic says "junk" it. Can I get used/salvage part to replace the exhaust?
The rear passenger switch works and I can get the switch on the drivers side to work but only for the drivers window. None of the others work. I was told it was the motors.
I have a 2001 Lumina with about 68,000 miles on it. Many times (but not every time) I turn the car on, it goes up to 1500-2500 RPMs, while in park. When I shift into drive, the car seems to drive itself without me having to give it gas. Usually after driving for a few minutes, if I turn off and restart the car while at a red light, it will be fine. This used to happen only occasionally but is happening more and more often. It's almost always in the afternoons after work, not in the mornings.

Another problem I have, occasionally the car has stalled on me when I am in stop-and-go traffic on the highway. It always starts up again fine right away. Happened a couple times last fall, didn't do it all winter, but did it again last week. Every time, it's been in the morning while I'm sitting in traffic on the highway.

I know absolutely nothing about cars, but even I know this must be a transmission problem? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
the condenser fan does not come on either all fuses are good
The cap is rusted real bad. I have to drain the coolant to fix the oil leak. How do i get the cap off crossover tube? Is their another way to add coolant and burp air out?
shop diagnosed as replace exhaust manifold,catalyatic converters,center pipe,oxygen sensorsX3 and gaskets -$3675.00 Showing code P0430 catalyst efficiency below threashold
This happened a week ago and are still on. if the converters are below effeciency ,any way of cheating the lights ?
I replace the termosta and the driving belt,plus the antifreeze fluid. It is still leaking. I am afraid to go to the dealer and they come with hundred problems to charge money. I appreciate any suggestion
light comes on when ignition turned on and goes off, but comes on after engine starts but no codes, also srs lite stayes on also
Engine light when on and when I went to the dealer he diagnosed the above problem
it does it all the time now i cant get over 30mg