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didnt know if it may be a battery or alternator or something else

I just had a transmission replaced approximately 2 months ago. The car does not stop easily and revs very loud when I stop. Its like I am pushing the gas when in park. I started to putter and almost didn't make it home.

95 Saturn battery starter good, won't start.acts like the neutral safety switch, Location switch for adjustment?

When the Saturn shifter is in park....engine won't turn over; when moving the shifting lever back and forth...hit a correct spot it will start. What do we need to correct the problem. Battery/everything on the engine is okay......what's the fastest way to correct this? Need advice.....location switch for adjustment? Never had a problem with this prior.....everything's original.. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Came out of the store last night and the car won't start. It won't do anything. Never showed a sign that something was wrong. Does it sound like it could be the shifter cable to you?

I flushed the radiator coolant, i replaced the thermostat, i checked for leaks, i checked the water pump and radiator are good and running. Why does it still overheat????!?!?

The airconditioning pot will not allow the heater box containing the heater core to be removed from the vehicle. How do I disconnect this AC pot to be able to remove the heater box????

Torque specs

what could it be why it wont crank..I have a new battery,new starter.

car overheated now it wont start,i changed the plugs distrubator cap and coil.

car overheated now it wont start,i changed the plugs distrubator cap and coil.

car overheated now it wont start,i changed the plugs distrubator cap and coil.

There is no heat in the car when I am standing still just when the car is moving. What do you think is the problem?

I can't find my temp. gauge anywhere on my dashboard display. Can someone help me out.

Took to Mercedes friend. Said possible chain wear.
The guide? Only on one side. Used heatmeter, one side warmer by 20 degrees. Will make noise when car is running and will make noise as I speed up.

After a long trip, the Ford emblem--the "grille badge," I believe it is called, is badly damaged. Most of the blue is gone, as if rocks damaged it. Can I replace just the badge? Does it stick on by itself? Can I do this alone, or do I have to rely on a dealership's exorbitant rates? I know this is no mechanical problem, and the car is amazing, but I do not like to see this cosmetic flaw every time I walk out in the morning. Advice?