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We took out the rear seat in hopes that a fuel line might have rubbed and gotten a hole. That area is all dry. Where else can we look for the leak. The leak only happens when the car is on. We smell the gas inside and outside the car.
Dealership wants to charge me $2700.00 (including labor) for these repairs!? Is there an easy way to find a cheaper repair shop?

Would leaking transfer case seals lead to a humming sound when the car is in motion? Sounds like my tires have a lot of tread... maybe I have more problems than I know.
loses acceleration have replaced spark plugs but # 6 what could it be
Headlights work fine, when I turn highbeam on, no headlights work at all. Switch back to low beam and they work fine. Blue light in instrument panel works when high beam suppose to be on. Tested all bulbs, all are fine. Checked fuses and relay, all fine. Thinking it is going to be the switch which incorporates the cruise control which works fine also. Or is there a seperate fuse for high beam? We can't find one.Anybody got any ideas?
Car plunges when in drive or reverse an on the breaks I was told it was the throttle body
I just got the egr valve changed, also one of the ignition coils. Drove about 15 miles then it started to over heat and smoke really bad like it had no coolant in radiator, then I began to smell a burning smell like oil was burning from some where. Smoke was coming from around the throttle area and from near heads on each side of engine. WHAT IS GOING ON? HELP!!!!
When I turn the a/c on sometimes only hot air comes out, and when I turn the temp control from hot to cold a few times the cold air comes out. This sometimes happens while the a/c is working properly.
Suspect vacum leak, is there a common problem with this car?
I started with an oil change and filter, then spark plugs and wires and air filter and water pump and clutch fan and three flush kits for radiator,and three thermastats, and a fuel filter, FREEZE PLUGS THAT WERE RUSTED OUT, AND NO HEADGASKET PROBLEMS AT ALL NO SMOKE ECT. Please tell me what i havent tried i was thinking maybe the ERG or the DPFE sensor or AIT sensor. The truck runs great not one issue except when i have to stop at a light or stop sign it starts overheating til i put the heater on full blast and it is too hot to keep rideing with the heat on.PLEASE HELP ME I CANT AFFORD ANOTHER CAR.
Its like it stops cooling and it is noticibly humid when it happens. When driven at higher speeds this doesn't seem to happen. this problem is intermitent. I can turn off the car and come back later and the AC blows cold again.
I have had a master brake cylinder replaced due to the brakes going to the floor on the first push. If you pushed again they would act normal. My brakes now are becoming mushy. Also my cruise control will shut off every once in a while going staight, no bumps in the road, and you have to push the crusie on button to retart the crusie control. Also the air bag front seat comes on and stays on for no certian amount of time than goes away.
i put a new swich in still geting to hot ,stock one burnt up
Since my 2005 cadillac SRX V* warranty expired i brought it to an independant mechanic for repairs. The rear wiper does not work, the parking sensors always sound and the third brake light does not work.also, when the motor on the rear wiper was replaced by him, the wiper would not work, byut the sprayer to clean the rear windshiled wiper did; however, when it was activated the license plate lights would blink. He took the for the wiper back sayying there are more problems, possibly the modular unit plus electrical problem back there. He stated that only a cadillac dealer can order the modular. also, the weather stripping/fabric at the rear lift is faded and looks like it has water damage. Anyone ever have a problem like this and if so, how much can i look to spen to coorrect it.
I have already changed the both transmission sylinoids. It is an automatic.
cliunking sound when the brakes are aplied