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Can drive the car but engine light still stays on.
Dealership said there's a box that holds carbon and is clogged...needs to be cleaned or replaced.
i have checked the oil and transmission fluid and both are fine. how do i change the fuel filter
125,000 miles, replaced all thermostats, radiator, 3 coolant flushes, and still having issues! What else can i do! Love this car and can't see myself driving anything else!
next to the computer box which is cover,there is a double cilinder type of part with a plug and on the bottom is a hose that goes down ,well gets h very hot when trying to start the car,what is it?(has 4 little hex screws)the scaner shows no link.....
I used all BMW recomended fluids and filter,gaskets etc. It was a nomal fluid change everything went fine and once I was finished went to take a test drive to see if the transmission fault indicator would come back on because it had been from time to time,and it will not move at all no forward no reverse not anything.Is there a reset or something to perform that I don't knoe about.This is my first BMW,please help.I know it has to be something simple.Other then the fault light coming on here and there it had a gasket leaking but worked fine,so all should be fixed,why won't it move now?
The ABS light came on, and suddenly there is no power to accelerate, unless you are in 2nd gear? I have been told this could be the torque converter, or the actual transmission. What could this be,and what are repair costs?
Fuse # 46 is good. Now the driver seat is stuck. I have long legs, my wife has short legs.
Just asked this question 5/06/2012 see below. Had appt with local dealer this AM. It went into safe mode twice on way to dealer. Dealer was unable to replicate the problem but did go ahead and replaced two spark plug coils that were showing misfires. Today's visit was at no cost to me. Time will tell if the problem shows up on the remaining 5 coils not yet replaced. End of issue for the moment. Happy tonight in Folsom.
Had ERG valve replaced and map sensor replaced. light was off when I left shop. Light came on as driving home. Does this mean repairs were not done correctly?
the engine light turned on as well.?
need to replace ignition coil. approximately how much is parts and labor?
2 dealers say I should not replace it - the engine would be damaged because the air conditioner is connected to the engine by a belt. Help! Thanks!
just got the truck the abs light was on and cant seem to find it out
I can't find a fuse for the daylight running lights or the switch. Where are they? Also the headlights turn on in the night is it the fuse for the daylight running lights or the switch for the daylight running lights or what is it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
i have been told I need to replace my expansion valve. How much should this cost?