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Car starts but runs like its out if timming wont idle. Any thoughts on what code 13 is_

I recently had my BM replaced and then re-flashed. Now my ACC will not function when I turn the key on.

I went and changed the timing belt. i got it on and checked every thing and tried it before i put all of it back together it started fine 3 or 4 times. so i finished putting it together and went to start it and nothing just like the starter was unhooked checked every plug and all even tried it in neutral nothing i check and it is not sending power to the signal wire on starter that tells it when to start i can jump the starter and it will start any idea what could happen all of a sudden within a couple of hours. thank you for looking and helping me out with this have a great day

other than that the engine starts right up, there is no smoke from the exhaust. any tnhougts of what might be the problem. Can valves be adjusted on this engine

After I replaced my battery, the remote key fob stopped working. Is there a secret to getting it to work again?

There is plenty of gas in the car, but the gauge drops to zero and then the car won't start. When I hit about 45 on the highway, it seems like the car doesn't want to go anymore. Now my car is sitting in a lot and will not start enough for me to even get it home.

thought it might be a bad part,replaced again,started ran.shut it off started it again ran for a couple minutes, then died again.fuels getting to the carb,yet it seems like its starving for fuel.

Never heard of reflashing.

4x4 doesnt work even when you shift it into 4x4, light is on .

After we had a dealership install a new timing belt and water pump our RAV4 seems to have lost a noticeable amount of power. It was capable of going up a nearby hill in 5th gear (manual transmission) prior to the new timing belt but now needs to be downshifted to 4th to maintain speed. Kinds feels like the timing is retarded somewhat. The dealer says everything is ok and the car actually feels stronger than before.....but my wife and I know the car and can feel the power loss on the hill test. What could it be?

Many thanks.

I got an estimate but I checked with another mechanic and the estimate from the 1st mechaninc in terms of time is way off.l

Engine run smoothly but has no idea if it is still good car to keep. Just bought on 1/29/12. Can I still return to the dealer. What do I need to do for now for the car to have it safely driving?

I have a 99 Sonata GLS, 2.0 6 cyl. I took it to the shop with what I thought was a transmission slipping issue. After several hours of their tech checking every tuneup item (compression, timing, etc.) they said that the front 3 cyl were not firing and that it must be the ECM chip.
I took it to the dealership and they said it's never the ECM but usually a tuneup item. They ran the same checks and 2 days later said it was the ECM. They finally get the right one in and it did not fix the problem. They are at a loss now and consulting with "Hyundai Specialists" which I assume means the manufacturer. I believe he said that the injectors are working on the front now, just not firing.
Anyone seen this?

I need to replace the alternator

Went for inspection today, failed due to OBD monitors not ready, two of them actually: catalyst monitor and the O2 sensor. Any help appreciated