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After car warms up as I accelerate it feels like runs out of gas. This stall quickly stops and will run fine for a few mins and while I push on pedal it just stalls. Have changed fuel filter, new plugs, lucas injector cleaner, air filter. Seems to do it more often now. no ck engine light comes on.
Also, after the fuel pump was replaced, I started the car and it ran for a fraction of a second and died. Could that have damaged the injectors?
When I turn on the air controls I only have air coming through the defrost vents no matter whaty osition the air control knob is set
I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and my ac is not working have used up all the refrigerant and added dye and determined that the compressor o-rings and compressor to the condenser line are both leaking.
How do I replace these parts
Veh has 37000 miles. driven locally 2-3 days per wk. Last oil change at dealer, 36756 miles, 24 jan 2012. Dealer said I needed power steering flush for 117.95, did not get. Last few weeks i hear a sound sometimes when i turn steering wheel. Could the check engine light be related to power steering sound? Car drives fine no stifnes in steering Or any other problem. I hear steering sound maybe once every 4 or 5 times i drive but only once or twice then it goes away.
I've been offered a high milage (224000mi)Santa Fe for near nothing ($500.00) It's been well taken care of and feels good, looks good and all seems to work well. Rebuilt transmission at about 150000 and new brakes at about 165000.
I expect that the engine will wear out soon so I'm curious as to the cost.
says check the fuse/relay? wheres that located?? also says it could be a defective pump is that located by the driver side wheel well?
I have had to add almost 3 quarts of oil between oil changes this time. I know that is BAD!!! Only a very small leak on the ground. Is this a serious problem and should I get rid of it now??
randomly dies anywhere then starts again,I had the key switch changed by dealer on a warranty recall,but it still does the same thing,i have checked some grounds and wiring,but i cant find anything.Anyone know of a certian problem with these?
I lost the sounds for the warning signals and the front speakers go in and out. When the rear defrost button is pushed it causes static in the radio. Sometimes it all comes back on just at random. I am at a lost for where this could be, I checked at the fuses and they are good. Would appreciate any help.
Tech ran diagnostic and got about 50 errors.
Stated it might be the Cam Block which might affect all other readings.
Recommended a Mercedes dealer. Any clues what this might be?
What is the cam block and what does it do?
filled Master cylinder, Attempted to adjust the Master Cyl,
Not sure if it is the tranny that is causing the problem or my clutch. Hard Shift, Jumps out of Gear, NO 4th gear, Unable to avoid Grinding gear when shifting.

the left rear of my truck starts shimmying and shaking when i get up to 50-55 mph.
I had my van services including oil and filter change in April, 2012 and does not require maintenance again until June, 2012
I need to adjust the parking brakes on my MB