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Even after opening L rear door the 'system' automatically re-locks ALL doors; re-locking is a normal programming thing - but one can be locked out if unaware that doors have auto-locked again. Also noticed that cabin courtesy light doesn't light up consistently and goes out w/in about 10 sec when it does light up. I'm suspecting worn-out wiring, loose connector, failing fuse and/or failing Body Control Module. How do I troubleshoot this problem??
vents will not open and closes
i noticed that oil and transmission life indicator stops working as well as tempeture guage failer when high idle acures.reset computer an problem went away came back an reseting wont work also getting codes 00001000301002211 an more ending with3311,4411,d511,8611,a711,b811,c911an e011
I replaced the fuel pump, but it runs like crap now. The relay, and fuses r fine. It spits and sputters, and won't accelerate at all. I don't have a lot of cash to sink into it, so hopefully I can get a idea of what's wrong with help from someone here
The enine code is po 301 cylinder 1, misfire
P0303 misfire need to know location of the #3 cylinder to troubleshoot the DTC.
This is for a Toyota Avalon 2008 Touring
no compression on any cylinder.
my ac unit wount cool down does anyone know how to recharge the ac unit? please help i'm a poor college student
1994 Ford Sport Explorer, been a good SUV, 300K miles!
I have already purchased the catalytic converter. I really need to know how much in labor shout it take.
I checked the fuel pump fuse and it is good. What else can i check?
Either cd pops out and sound system turns off or if no cds are in car radio just
turns off. Happens a couple or time a week. Hands are not near "mode" or Anthony other than outer rim of steering wheel.

Oil pressure light continue to come on so I would like to replace the oil pressure/sending switch
I would like to change them very soon in the state of Maine