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3 times in the last 6 weeks when turning on the A/C or defroster, I assume some computer problem occurs b/c the temp gage goes to 0(does not), the A/C does not blow cold air and on 1 occassion the engine check light came on (the time my wife turned on the defroster). and also I beleive the radiator fans automatically kick on.
So far when i have disconnected the car battery and re-connected the battery the temp gage and A/C will work. No other problems with the car at this time.

What is causing this? Sensor, the computer? How can it be fixed? i will go out and disconnet the battery a 3rd.

I did not check for the diagnostic code when the problem happened the 2nd time. 1st time and the last time the service engine light did not come on
My Lexus LS 430 2001 has 120,000 miles on it and per the manual I think its time for a spark plug change- what is the best spark plug- Denso or NGK?
Like most who have had ac problems with the ford five hundreds I finally went and paid to have my compressor changed. They did expansion valve, drier compressor and condenser I get the car the first day it is blowing warm on passenger side. Two days later all hot. Take it back to pep boys they replace compressor again and all that is involved in that. Get car back and they tell me I need to go to ford to have it reprogrammed. Get to ford a day later and it is not blowing cold but make appt for diagnosis three days later they put it on machine no compressor pressure. Back to pep boys put in THIRD compressor pick up car both sides blowing cold. Two days later car blowing hot air again. Today I take it to another pep boys and they say it had 3 oz to much of freon and now blowing semi cold on driver side warm on passenger. Taking it Tuesday to ford but my question is would the actuator door or something else really make it do this or is pep boys just selling me crap? As a woman walking in I think they are just blowing smoke up my skirt till I go away. Please help.....
just while driving the power was shut down to minimum
the refrigerant isnt circulating and i was told the filter was probably cloged
Run great or about a month and then battery needs to be replaced again
P0715 limp mode seems to be common with these cars and how to fix it's never a one solution trick. Do you replace the speed sensor, conductor plate or the trnny fluid. But I read those are not always the fix though what gives, this is a pain in the rear end! My trnny works fine when it's not in LIMP MODE. Please someone give me the absolute fix, I may be asking for a little to much probably!
i need to change air conditioner belt 05 Toyota camery 3.3 engin. can't find all the bolts
Check engine light does not show engine problem.
I don't think i can find all the bolts
The alternator is not charging
Drive side window did not lift evenly and was stuck in that position for several days. Managed to lift front of window while bumping window button up and down until window was fully raised. But noticed, it was too high and door would not close properly. Managed to lower window enough for door to close. Now when door is closed, auto lifting of window doesn't close the window tightly, leaving a 1/4" gap between window and window seal.
Over the past several months I have noticed a slight clicking sound coming from rear of car. Only occurs when car is moving forward at lower speeds, higher speeds, sound is inaudible. I have had several mechanics look and listen for it, none of them have been able to locate the origin of clicking sound. According the mechanics, it isn't shocks although, one shock bushing was replace as a possible cause two weeks ago, not the problem, $300.00 later.
Heated air is coming from driver side vent when ac is on for the rest of the car. When I close left driver vent, hot air begins to come from driver side center vent. closing that vent hot air moves to passenger side vents. Climate control is not balancing heating and cooling.
front drivers side went, should both be replaced. Car has 160000 miles on it