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want to know where fittings are located and how many if the 1999 passport has them
I had it leak into the passenger side, because the drain holes where clogged from the pan between the windsheild and hood. Fixed that issue. Now dealing with water in on the driver side front and back. Why would it be doing that and how would I search the problem out?
98 Maxima's starter will not engage when you turn the key to "start" position (as opposed to "on" position) - you can hear switches click, etc when you turn it there. Have replaced the wiring in the steering column just after the tumblers. Checked the solenoid - and its getting power (shorted with screwdriver between posts to confirm) and it whirred after it sparked. Cleaned battery leads and some of the ground points (can't get to the main ground easily)

Lights, horn, etc. work fine.

After my attempts to diagnose, it won't engage when cold either...... :( The Mechanic God's weren't with me, I guess.

Any other ideas. I understand this is a common problem for this vintage Maxima (98 GLE)

Can not get anything to blow out of the vent's, It sounds like it's on but nothing comes out
After the car warms up you can smell (hot) from the drivers door back to the end of the car. All fluid levels are up, no flashing code or engine lights. Car still runs fine but you do have the hot smell. No visible leaks under the car.
my condenser freezes over sitting at idle
It happens when i start my car and only when i press on the gas. It happens every time i start it.
Car manual says that car came with two (2) cards with code from Bose. Long since gone, I am not first owner. I don't use this car often enough so I keep a battery maintianer on the battery, but had long power outages. Would not like to pay MB hundreds for this code.

I have a 2004 Avalanche, it will automatically go into 4 wheel drive. I have had problems with it previously when putting it into 4-wheel drive and couldn't get out of 4 wheel drive. Finally, after getting it out, I took it to the shop and tey recalibrated the transfer case. Now it will go into 4 wheell drive automatically and the red light came on for the 4 wheel drive. What do you think the problem is? Thanks for your help.
was working great then all of a sudden stopped blowing normal and only blew slightly , cold, but like a whisper
bg 3pt cool kit,coolant, radiator cap, Told it was leaking.Don't see any liquit on driveway, checked oil and it looks good. I don't mind paying for what needs to be done just don't like to get jacked around.
Oil Change
i am trying to do an engine rebuild because the timing belt went and all the valves hit the pistons. head has been rebuilt already and pistons are out.timing info would be a blessing also.
also car has a vibration when idling. could this have somrthing to do with the oil on the spark plug?