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this is on the steering column. it got broken and need new one. what is this part called and costof part andcost with repair

Have changed oil every 3-4k miles; dealer told me noise due to using Jiffy Lube and non-Mopar oil filter. Will not cover work with warranty...any recalls known?

headlight has new bulb but doesnot work on dim.

i just want some advise and the correct price for this service thanks.

What is this part called, and how do I fix or replace it? Last night, I had to kind of force my key into the ignition. It turned, but it felt like I may have moved something physical in there. After that, the engine wouldn't turn off when I turned the key off. I now have to disconnect the battery and pull the alternator fuse. Once I reconnect the battery, the car starts fine. I tried replacing the ignition cylinder, but that didn't change anything. What can I do from here (I really don't want to take it to a shop)? And am I doing any damage to my truck by pulling the alternator fuse to shut off the engine?

revs very high and have to manually ajust the throttle by hand to lower my rpms. it revs the highest in park and reverse

Rear-end of car on both sides goes(Sags) down after (30min) car turned off, goes up when car starts up (w/in 5min). How can I know if 1 or both Air-Springs or any of their seals are leaking air? Could 1 seal be leaking & not both or an air-line damaged & not able to maintain the air pressure? Problem is constant. Thanks

hold button stuck how do i fix

sounds like a fan or something its very loud

also when getting up to speed it jerks allot until i get to a steady speed then seems to run a little smoother. any ideas?? thanks!

The code is P0128.I filled the coolant.Still on.It also says Thermostat defective and ECT sensor defective.If the problem is fixed does the engine light automatically go out?Thanks,Randy

Am getting a buzzing (electical type) buzz in left rear when I place car into Park. Only lasts 1 second and doesn't seem to have any effect on anything else. Almost sounds like from inside trunk. Any ideas what it could be?????

Hi! This is my the first CL-500 and this is the first time this happens. After pulling the latch 2 out of 3 latches are free... the left (if facing the car) is still locked. Tried to mess with it but no success... Ant advice on how I could open my hood?

how long does it take to repair and how for the labor