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i am replacing the oil filter on my 1998 dodge stratus ES 6 cylinder
it overheated and the hoses are fine, i noticed the fan not coming on.
Check Engine light is on but car is not running bad - mechanic says need to replace evap purge valve. If I do not replace right away can this lead to other more expensive problems in the engine or emissions system?
as soon as i start the car it idles so high i can not drive it
whining sound was why had it ck, sound still there +trac lite comes on, ab lite, trac lite goes off after restart,sounds like it needs power steering fluit in it????
It started with the steering wheel controls to radio, ac and cruise not working right(volume button changes channels cruise changes ac) All this was a week before the wrench, traction and engine light came on and car lost power.
went on so i got off the highway. when I started to go again the transmission was not going into first then finally did. all the other gears and reverse work fine....Any Ideas?
I does come back on every once in a while and the air blows cold air. It may work for a couple of days and then go out again. (0nly in the front seat)
high voltage on ip line bank one sensor one
checked the transmission dipstick foud it to be slightly moisten with particals on it.
Like a intermittant rattle sound coming from the right front wheel at low speeds over bumps. Repair shop says it could be the struts but wasn't sure. $550 would be a lot of money to spend if they are not sure it will fix the problem. I know its not a lot to go on but any ideas would be welcome.
a complete stop. but i'm also havig to keep my feet on the gas and break pedal when i'm at a complete stop if not m car shuts off
Problem seems to go away after the trans warms up a bit when the vehicle is driven for a while. Heard that a PCM flash may fix this problem. Does anyone know if that is a possibility ?
smokes coming from exhaust pipe or under car