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When the car is cool it runs great but after u use the brakes a few times they lock up

clutch does not engadge

My 2004 Acura TL just rolled to 90,000 miles and after taking in in several times for front end noise without any successful diagnosis, I determined that it must be a motor mount issue. I took it in and was told that all but one of the engine mounts and all but one of the transmission mounts had failed. I have NEVER experienced a motor mount failure on any car (I am 49 years old) and when I finally purchased my first new car (2004 Acura TL) for $36,000, I have this level of failure. Although I love the body style and overall design, this car from a quality stand point has been a sad disaapointment.

was dirving on the freeway car started slowing down and light came on

I know that the code is in vague reference to my idle conditions (which have been poor to say the least), but what is the issue directly? I have taken my vehicle to three different shops and spoken with several mechanics in regards to this issue and they have all come up with ineffective suggestions.

have replace the fuel filter fuel pump fuel pump relay and battery sometimes it start and sometime it will crank but i have to hit the gas to start it

I started my car this morning and it started shaking, the malfunction light came on and I took it to a shop they changed the spark plugs it drove the same. They said my cylender sensor 6 is showing a error. It's not the fuel injection so what could it be?

how do you remove the left tail light cover? Any diagrams to reference?

the windshield washer/wipers do not turn on at all. They are dead - do not know if it is electrical or the windshild washer moter?? any suggestions on what to check or do??

I replaced rotors in December and had the drums turned. I also had Discount Auto check to make sure tires were balanced. Anything else that could cause the problem? I was told last year that I needed to replaced the rack and pinion.

Engine revs high when I start the ignition, idle at a traffic light and sometimes while driving. When I'm driving it seems as if the drive chokes and catches up with itself. It's done this for years but it's very noticeable and more consistent now.

As far as I know the timing belt has never been changed. Should I worry?

I have replaced one catalytic converter and still failed Ca. smog. The second is being replaced but in the meantime my distributer went out due to some sloppiness in a ????? I was told that it will continue to ruin distributers until I have it repaired to the tune of $3,000. I was in shock and did not ask enough questions. Can this be explained? I am already spending $3,500 on the converters.

I am thinking maybe the park-neutral switch has failed, but do not know were to find it. I would like to know where the switch is located

if my gti is idleing it runs 195 when i drive the temp goes back to cold