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you cannot hear any vibration from the front when you open the hood
Problem with my Sentra 91' Drive Gear doesn't work at First?

When i Start the Engine, Drive Gear Doesn't work. And Number 2 is almost the Same thing, I Have to Press the Over Drive before Number 2 Work.

And After running a few Blocks put it to Drive and the Drive will Work.
when I have the car completely cool and I add antifreeze to the radiator,there is a leak mid car when the radiator is almost filled to the top?
it is leaking and needs bilateral replacement. Have 52K miles. How much should front and rear replacement cost and should I do all 4 at 50K miles? There are no symptoms and car rides great. Is it dangerous not to replace them now?
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and it says service traction control light is on and i need to know what the promle is
I've tried looking for it on the valve cover; but still cannot locate it.
I know that the first code is often tied to a thermostat failure or coolant system issue. What are the other expected culprits?
Car is in great condition and no more factory warranty.
where is the vaccum canister?
what is the better overall value - going to a toyota "dealer" for maintenance work - or going to a pep boys or a midas (or someone else?)
What service items are recommended for 2006 Lexus Rh400 at 100,000 miles?
a motor regulator
all lights in dash flash, after it cuts off will start back up and run for another mile or two
how much should I charge to repair the head gasket