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bought 2011 venza. Ck engine, anti skid, passenger air bag Lts went on. Toyo Svc to replace after MIT alarm with Toyo factory alam. Now they are installing new computer. Not sure why. Will I have future problems? Any advice?
emission test failure. secondary air injection system failure.
will the needle always show hot when overheating ?
My friend used my car and said the motor shut but the needle did not show hot?
Continued driving and later saw it was overheating
My ASR light comes on and puts LHM mode. Want it disabled, is this possible?
Had tune up February 2012. Are there recalls about this problem? Truck purchased at Nissan dealer. Is this the best place to have it repaired (cost).
i replace the ignition switch
grives sluggish and speedometer dosent work until i turn car off then other day drive car cut out and wouldnt restart for 8 hours later
ok, drove the car one day and anti-freeze went everwhere but car didnt over-heat. next day drove it around tryin to find the hole in the hose but nothing would drove great, no it home, got back in an hour later, car wont start..turns over but thats it. good battery, changed the cam and crank, changed the pcm, and the coil? but founght out today i need to flash the any ideas besides what i mentiond?
Has happened several times but not predictable. Santa Fe has a crank shaft problem but I have not seen any solutions for the Tucson. Air conditioning was on each time, but not hard. No lights, codes, etc.
i have 1997 toyota corolla .. i was going to someone house and everything was work find but i do know that i have one thing wrong and that my left bareing but know my window , my speed gage , my air , and my car stereo are not working but one min they are but know they are not.... and i don't have a hand book for my car...
Won't Pass Emissions? Test Results Were ON-BOARD COMPUTER: Vehicle's Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL.) Commanded On Trouble Codes Present: P0401: EGR Flow Insufficient Detected & P1133: The Car has been over heating for a few months and The Coolant Over flow tank is full of Brown Sludgy type water and it has not drained at all since Jan. When I took the Radiator cap off that also was caked full of this brown sludge and the water was brown and full of globs of sludge. I have taken the hose from the overflow to radiator off and cleaned it out really good but still nothing. Now the car overheats but it is also Idling louder and harder plus it is really noisy. Is there anything that I can do myself to save me money with repairing this problem. Please Reply to
the radio comes on and off as iam driving
While driving, the car started beeping, the oil light came on and all dials went to zero. The odometer also reset itself to zero miles driven and it no longer reads the outside temperature. The car never shut off and after that one 5 second incident, never happened again. Hoping someone could make some suggestions or she d little light on the issue. Thanks!
My A/C Blower runs eratically at all fan speeds, I have checked all grounds, Fuses, Relays and everything seems to be in working order. The only other fix could be the Fan Blower itself. Has anyone else had this happen?
gears are hard to engage