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I just put brand new tires on the rear of my Bronco and now i'm having problems with the front end. The problem is when driving down a straight roadway my bronco wants to go left or right on its own without me turning the steering wheel.But when i try to correct the problem it pulls hard in the direction in try to correct, say it pulls right when i correct it by easing to the left, it jerks left.
I have put brand new bushings and and front end components in it within the last 6 months and now this starts.
If you have an answer please help.
the van made a pop and it died, it would not restart - thinking the timing chain has broken
A non-Honda mechanic mentioned once that in some higher end vehicles, if the maintenance isn't completed shortly after the reminders are displayed, other things will begin to malfunction, like the airconditioner, because if people are inconvenienced or uncomfortable, they are more likely to bring the car in for service. Apparently this is computer generated. Has anyone ever heard of this, and if so, is there a way to correct it after the original maintenance has been completed without an additional costly repair?
This is the first time this has happened.
Pads on right rear wore out while pads on left rear didn't wear at all. Replaced the caliper on the left along with the pads on both sides when the problem occurred.
speedometer not working properly what do i need to do
I have been told my blend door motor is bad and need to know where its located on the vehicle and what the process it to replace it
all the time its never been go at all on gas .someone please help me
It will tach really high when you apply the accelerator just a small amount. I had the dealer, and several repair shops say it was the calipers locking up. This was about 1500 miles or so before the powertrain went out. No warning lights come on, front calipers, brake hoses, and pads were changed out. It it still doing the same thing. It will shimmy and shake when you try to accelerate even just a bit, and then sometimes it will just start acting fine, after acting up. Diagnostics were ran at two shops (no warning lights on) and I cannot figure out what it wrong. I am pretty well versed with figuring out problems, and I think there is something else going on and that dealer did not want to fix the problem. Help!!!!! ??? The drive belt, timing belt, and front Dr side hub changed out. Regular oil changes done. Wondering if its the tranny???
Recently had fuel pump replaced. Now it runs a bit then blows a fuse and quits. Dont have a map of fuse system to know which fuse. Weird. any idea why its doing this? Any help grateful.
pulled the codes eb1234, eb1235, eb1416, eff-- do I have a serious problem ?
It will only blow on low.
Everything was working fine until my battery died. I jump started it and everything was fine again except that the instrument cluster is dead - none of the gauges move at all and there is no light. I checked the computer using a car doctor device diagnostic code and it indicated the car was fine.
suv is 2001
I get about 55 miles to a quarter of a tank of fuel and it sounds as if the engine is growling when it idles (like cherry bombs), been tuned up about 500 miles ago, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, PCV valve, oil, air filter, and fuel filters. lost dazed and confused.