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has always done this sence we bought it used.
Interior lights dont work nor power door locks fuses are good. Saw somewhere that it coulld be a harness connection under the carpet but cant find that site now
I have had it changed twice in the past 5 months.
It stops working while I am standing still. I was told it sounds like my fan isn't working properly. Please advise.
should the outside of the rim be facing up when mounted?
When the car is in neutral and my foot is off the clutch there is a loud rattling from under the car, once the clutch is engaged the noise stops. The noise is progressively getting worse and much more frequent. Nissan service department cannot seem to identify the problem. Please help me.
Service light came on after filling my car with gas. I checked the gas cap, but so far light still on. Will I have to return to the repair shop, so they can reset it?
Engine light came on at 123,000 mi. and was intermittent for a few thousand more miles when it finally stayed on. Mechanic could find no problems. Smooth engine & transmission performance with very good mileage. Now have 192,000 mi and still going strong. I live in No. Arizona so don't have to take smog test. I want to give car to my daughter in Los Angeles & need to pass test. Any ideas?
It seems to be leaking from the front main seal. There is no leak when the car is parked or idling- only when moving. How difficult/costly would this repair be? Is it ok to drive as long as the oil level is checked daily and replenished as needed?
clicking noise sounds like a stick or something inside
The transmission stays in either low or high gear.
On a 92 honda accord engine if I had a leaking exhaust manifold gasket leaking would it cause a catalytic converter to enventually burn out.Also would this condition of leaking exhaust gas trick the only 02 sensor on this cars dx model to make the engine run rich and consume more fuel.
automatic headlamps available on 97 c280
I don't have pulse in the injector
It has plenty of battery power and jumping doesn't work. Solenoid???