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If you do not have the transfer control module will it cause problems
once in a while it bucks when i am driving on the freeway,like its not getting enough fuel,I took it to the shop and that couldn't find the problem,its been doing it a few months CLEANED THROTTLE BODY AND INSTALLED IDLE
IDLE AIR CONTROL did not work
Speedometer is faulty
put 2 new calipers on they act like they are staying against rotor
the engine light is on, and truck is misfiring
the car is in limp mode but no grinding or slipping of gears. it wont shift from 2nd to 3rd...etc
tried putting car in neutral and running engine. runs rough and will not idle
replaced the gasket and the timing expansion cover its still leakin so wht do i i just gety gasket sealent and goop it on.i think the default must be on the timing side but i dont want to replace that.not to mention this leak sprung up out of nowhere wqithout anything causing it that i know off.hhhheeeellllppppp
but theres another leak above it does anyone know what it could be (irvtech) maybe filter neck or something ive overlooked or dont know about,please help cause im losing about a quart every 4-5 running hours and i dont want to fuk my engine up sincve its been good to me up until now.
I was told that it has 3 fuel pumps or could be a fuel fiter to but if it was the fuel filter. Why would my motor chug only when the weather is hot like it wants to stall. It is fuel injected to. Thanks!
where is the expansion valve located and is there a shortcut to get to it or changing it???
engin runs good just wont shift out of fourwheel drive
I have had it in the shop when it isnt working and they have said that it was the blower motor getting ready to go out. However, When I brought it in it was working and they said that they could not find anything wrong with it. Could it be something other than the blower motor? A short in the wiring some where? When it does work the fan speeds all are normal. It seems to not work when its cold out, and as it warms it up outside, or maybe hit a bump, turn a corner, etc.. It will come on instantly...
Was at an intersection, didn't even realize it stalled, had it towed, got home switch tanks and it started, switched back to other tank, tried to back into driveway and it stalled, luckily it started and parked it,there was a sort of buzzing noise also at one point, but not constant, before it stalled it was like the engine flooded, and sort of rumbled, there was a smell of gas but not strong or constant,Five months had the float replaced in the gas tank, but it does not register full only goes to 3/4s
does not blow thru the dash vents, only defrost and floor