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My 1994 Auto Honda Civic EX Works Fine Starts Up Sounds Normal Just Got A New Engine Control Module...!
Now it wont go into gear without using (-the key to unlock gear shift) no clue why everyone says i can drive it just unlock it everytime but if something is bad i dont want to make it worse...!!HELP
the front passenger floor board is wet
After it sits it blows cold again for same time frame. Been diagnosed as a compressor clutch needing to be replaced. Cost $701.00 does this seem reasonable?
and on forth compressor in ten months
It's done this since new, 4 tries with the dealer did nothing. They say "The tire pressure was off", "It's supposed to do that", "I didn't notice a problem", etc, etc. I think a big clue is that I can feel it at parking lot speed. If I release the wheel when it's turned fully one way, it returns to center in jerks, not smoothly. I think it's a drivetrain joint of some kind. Help!
i have a 1990 nissan d21 2.4l 2wd truck. my head gasket had blown a few months ago and i had it taken to a machinist who did the work and also replaced the timing chain/kit. well the truck runs fine except when it is warm/hot and you shut it off it will not start back up. i thought it was the timing, no luck. i made some calls and narrowed it down to a possible bad injector, being that the machinist told me that he had to "hold the throttle open slightly to get it to start like it was "flooded" like an injector was sticking in the open position upon shutdown" so i ordered and installed the new injectors and fire it right up... only problem now is that it idles fine but runs rough as heck at a little more than idle to approx1/2 - 2/3 throttle (no tach on this model)
I had opened the top to unplug the drain holes which required me to leave the top up. The drain holes were unplugged but now when I open the top the top tucks away but the back lid stays open and will not move. Any ideas?
Diadnlstic test was done
There was a big storm and I ran over trees, went through creeks where bottom of car was dragging. That's why I wondered if maybe a line of some sort cracked or could be leaking. Just seems odd that I didn't have any leaks until right after this happened. I feel like they just said this code means you need pressure control solenoid & it'll cost you over $700 instead of offering other possibilities.
The brake fluid is full. The anti lock light at times is off for a lengthy drive and then when lightly braking I hear a fart-like groan and the light pops on. The brakes operate perfectly for any kind of stop. Cold damp weather seems best for the problem. I ve heard about the possibility of air in the lines. How is that checked and solved ?? My mechanic says that its not unsafe.(The antilock pump replacement would be too costly a fix for me and I have an inspection coming up by the end of July)
Please help!!
The gas pedal cable won't stay in place so, it comes out frequently. Is this a costly repair?
49K miles, just replaced front tires in March; need to replace tires again due to bad ball joints, replace ball joints and get wheel alignment. Was given estimate by Firestone for lower ball joint repairs and alignment of $537.60. Called Dealer and being told have to replace control arms, as well, and their charge is $1,047.53. A little assistance, please? Need to pick daughter up from hockey camp Sunday over an hour and half away. Thanks.
Do I need special tools toreplace motor and is it time consuming?
more frequent going up hills, after a few hours of driving, starting out from lights or other stops (gas pedal down ) If I stop and turn the engine off, the problem will go away for a while.