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My a/c blows when car is moving. the faster you go the more air comes out. pipes in engine are cold. but air only comes out when you are moving, as soon as you stop no more air. The fan speed setting has no effect on air flow. a/c works b/c air comes out cold just not coming in car unless you are moving.

I have had this problem in the past. When the key is turned to start, there is a click coming from the fuse box on the side of the dash. It feels like the click is coming from a large relay in the corner of the fuse box, but I can't be sure. When this has happened before, I have removed and replaced, or just wiggled the "crank" fuse to get it to start. I have wiggled and moved everything in the fuse box but still no dice. I am at the end of my expertise. Please advise. Thanks

how to erase codes i trid disconnect battery,pulled fuse,relay ,jumper wire,have scan tool ,wont work on this model truck need accessory for tool

They were working fine when we cut the motor off, When started again, they would not cut off

car won't start. all lights come on but won't start. may be the anti theft key

has new fuel pump,spark plugs,and air filter.always happening.
there is no check engine light.recently had clight with code for right side secondary 02 sensor,which went off and has not returned.thought may be clogged exhust.please advise,thanks.

We looked under the hood but have no idea where we put the brake fluid.

The lights blink on and off. The cruise controls is operated my my temperature button.

If aG M dealership rebuilt a motor in my piontiac should they have the coolant system before releasing the vehicle

hadn't driven for two wks. went to enter and can't open any door or hood without access to cabin. A local mechanic suggested key module bad and drained battery. would need to tow it 200 miles to miami for dealership. help?

just replaced a hung up rear caliper , bled system and mow no pedel on a 2002 blazer 2 wheel ls

The heater stopped working. It was working and then after it was parked and off for a while, when started back up never came back on. None of the heating or air controls are working. The fan is not working. After the initial time it stopped working it came on for a minute in the morning while warming up thaen the vehicle was cut off and it did not come back on to this date. Could it be a fuse? thx, chad

our 2002 kia sportage just went dead out of the blue and wouldnt crank back up so we replaced the fuel pump relays that vdidnt work so we replaced the fuel pump and it cranked and went about half mile and quit again so we replaced the coil and still wont crank

car was serviced at 54000mi with GM 27 point inspection and oil change. No indicator lights or warning.