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just replaced head gasket now cant get right timing set
how many quarts of oil does a chevy equinox hold?
I have a cheap Mercedes code scanner.The 1st code is 2069(po700)(ETC control module) memory is fault. The second 5093 is Sporadically gear implausible or transmission slipping. The only thing that happened was the battery went dead and I put it on a charger. After it started it was limp home mode. I am not sure if I should buy a conductor plate or a transmission control module. Need advice.
looking to buy this car but it has a leak not sure price to dfix
I bought my car last week new. When my car is cold and I go from 15-25 mph there is a thump and a noise on the drivers side. It happens every day and every time the car gets cold and I start to move. The dealership is telling me it is normal as it is the ABS warming up. Does that seem correct or should I take it in for service.
how to fix
i was told that i could access it thru the glove box after cutting out the rear, i dont want to take the intire dash off, this is a sle model if it makes a difference
Is it like other cars, you just go behind/under Glove box?
This is the 3 time this has happend
(manual transmission)
The passenger side is constantly squealing, the pitch varies from day to day. During normal driving, it's slightly noticable. Braking can make it a little louder. However, at low speeds (parking lots, etc.) it is much louder. Everything seems fine with the braking power, it's just the squealing
down the road. it died at the stop sign finally got it going then it lunged and rpm's kept going up and down. HELP
could it be theOBD II(on-board diagnostics-second generation) computor? the service engine light comes on.
i replaced two speed censers inlet and out put
I need to have the odometer fixed for inspection.
My vehicle will not start. There is no fire to the plugs.I had unhooked battery cables to clean them before I hooked up the diagnostic machine so it read no codes.What do I need to do next or replace?
reservoir. tires are correct size