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so the car dies when u turn right but after you do it starts back up and it doesnt do it when your going about under 15 to 20mph.

when using the windshield wipers only the passenger side moves.

what major repairs should I be anticipating and an estimate of the costs involved.

i have a 2006 dodge ram 1500, someone told me that the truck already get used to a thicker oil and if i change it could damage the transmission

thought it was low or empty so went to fill it and noticed it was leeeking from the cap quite a bit when i pulled off the cap i noticed that the fluid wasvery dard and bubbly but looked to be hot dose my pump need to be replaced or can i fix it by cleaning out line or something?

It seems to happen every two or three days. I have to reset radio and clock. Sometimes its working and other times its not. also I hear rapid clicking sounds in dash area.

but its not getting hot at all.could it b a belt or the tension pully.

The soft close system for the trunk has stopped working. The switch located inside the car will not work, nor will the button on the key. Any help would be appreciated.

The trunk soft close system and the electrical switches to open it have stopped working. Where is the fuse for this located and what is it called on the fuse box? Thanks for your help.

engine leaking oil

The soft close feature stopped working. The trunk will close manually, but not with the soft close. The inside switch to open the trunk will not work to open the trunk , nor will the button on the key. The dash display says the trunk lid is open, when it is mechanically closed and locked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

the light stays on but I'm not having any problems. Am I going to have problems and if so, what do I need to do to fix it before it happens. Thanks!

first repair said the harness needed replacing, now between 30 & 60 mph, the problem is worse after replacing the harness.

I have had my battery and alternator tested and they test fine. Do I have a electrical promblem

all my lights on dash board started going off when I was on highway and I lost power. what is wrong. I had crank sensor replaced also