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i replaced my coolant expansion tank and replaced the automatic thermastat in the expansion tank. got everything hooked back up and ran my car and it started to overheat. How do i know when the bleeder valve is done bleeding out the air?

2003 Toyota Avalon XLS Steering Wheel makes noise when you turn it and tire makes noise when you step on the gas. Please help??
You don't hear any noise unless you accelerate.

Looking For location of knock sensor for a 2001 Silverado 2500 hd

radio in and out

I am replacing the drier/receiver and would like to replace the orafice as well.

check engine occur just today so i want to know what happen so i attanch my diagnostic apparatus it happen the number show p2008 & 2015

all blinkers went out. ch'd the normal fuses, think its the flasher fuse

replaced coil pack, internal wiring harness (gave power to data port), received low voltage shock when checking for fire on 2 and 3 through ignition.

i changed water and marked everything with soap stone but it rubbed off need to know how to reset everything

Local non mercedes mechanic thinks its an o2 sensor....but also that it might be the CAT converter

I just got the vehicle certified and noticed the service 4 wheel drive light on

Recently changed fuel pump, plugs, wires, distributor cap and checked coil resistance: .8 ohms primary
8,300 ohms secondary cold. Seems ok.
Any suggestions where to go from here ??

My 2002 Nissan Pathfinder 171,000mi shook violently and the engine lite blinked on/off. Afer parking it seemed ok, but I took it to Nissan for a check. Then after they replaced the spark plugs the engine locked up. They found that cylinder #6 was nearly full of oil. They suggested that engine replacement would be better that trying to repair as the cost/labor to repair the cylinder may cost a little less but there is a possibility that more damage may have happened to the engine.

put thw windows down now will not go back up motor sounds like it is trying i think might have been knocked off track

I have a 2006 Pontiac G6, When I drive long distances; sometimes short distances. My brakes get extremely tight. To stop, I dont even have to press the break. The tires shake as well. I just got a tire change and alignment. Any advice would be nice!