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I have a 06 Colorado Z71 FWD. It has 100K miles. Since the truck had 80K miles the FWD has not worked. The FWD dash buttons just flash. I changed the front diff. actuator and nothing improved. Button lights will flash in all positions but nothing happens. Could this be an Encoder sensor problem or other?
My heater/AC blower motor will work all the time in high speed. All other speeds will not work sometimes. Have you an idea what’s wrong with this?
Labor hours and aveage cost?
My brake lights don't work. When lights are on they are on, but just the running lights, the middle brake always functions properly though. I have replaced the brake switch on the pedal and then I replaced the MFS switch. All fuses are good. Nothing worked. Still not getting power to brake lights, bulbs good. So, could it be a ground problem somewhere? HELP!
Why tirers cannot be rotated front to back
I can start my vehicle early in the morning before the temprature rises with no problem but as soon as the temprature gets hot it won't start. The cells are full.
also known as Ignition Control Unit
the right side of the cover to the headlight is bent in bad
I have several large paint chips on the front bumper of my Toyota Avalon (cassis pearl color) and want to find someone to repair these. Estimated cost of one repair outfit says $650.00 to replace bumper.
Nether of the brake lights work but the Center bar does work. But both running lights work just fine. Checked both of the Bulbs and they were both fine. Checked Fuses in the Fuse Control Panel and they were fine too. I also Checked the Brake Control switch and that was good. What could be the problem??
took battery cables off to clean them now only starts and idles in failsafe mode.throttle body has been cleaned and is not stuck open also put new TPS on and has new throttle acc.motor (5weeks old)
What is that?
it goes in drive when you put it in reverse for about 4ft and back too drive once its in drive its find
my mirrors don't adjust. My driver side seats don't adjust. My driver side window and both rear windows don't work
how you remove the front headlight on a 2010 town country
Just changed front break pads.