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whereis the engine coolant temp sensor located?

when i turn the car on the ac cuts on and i dont know how to turn it off.

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i had my timing belt replace now my kia will not speed up to freeway speeds

i had my timing belt replace now my kia will not speed up to freeway speeds

there are these three codes coming up p0172 p0175 bank 1 and 25 too rich and p0300 cylinder 2 misfire and there is a strong fuel smell when running. You must keep your foot on the gas to keep running. We have replaced all spark plugs and the EGR valve what could be wrong

it does sound like metal hitting on metal when you accelerate. otherwise drives fine . no leaks or smoke . thanks.

one time the dealer told me the manifold needed to be cleaned so i said ok, it seemed to run allot better, now i think it needs to be done again, i tried spraying carb cleaner in throtle body but didnt work, how does the dealer do it so i can try it.

Low coolant comes on when running the A/C and while running the heater, it blows cool air in front at the bottom but warm on top. Any suggestions for a girl who dont want to get taken at the dealership or by a mechanic?

The lights in the radio and instrument panel seem to be burned out.

where can i get the software update and a reprogrammer for my trooper. think i'm getting false codes, i hear that this is a problem

On a windy day going down the highway, the swirling wind noise is near deafening in the car at highway speeds.

All worked fine. Some rain got on the door and now they are out.

when driving on the highway, i hear this noise like lake a muffler going bad, but there is no hole in my muffler. I tried tightening the valv on the hose but it continues to leak if the car idle for atleast 2 minutes

Changed plugs, wires, rotor button, cap, pcv valve, egr valve, what else would create what I think is a power drain?