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when you come to a stop it wont idle but runs fine
Car dies but starts up later
If I could be more specific I could probably fix it my self.
When I charge my air conditioning system, it gets cold for about a day and a half and then nothing. I'm fairly certain it's a leak, as this has happened several times even after replacing compressor. Thanks.
The car was shut off after running normal, and the next day, there was no battery power. I tried to jump start, but still nothing.
after changing out the ign. switch the car will not start.I followed the test and still will not start.can you bypass the ign. lock out system
I heard that the act of disconnecting the battery terminals for terminal and post cleaning ruins the integrity of computers and other programs already installed as part of the normal car operation---what negative impact can occur to the electrical systems in this car as a result of a disconnected battery?---thx---
stop lights works, but turn signals and emergency flashers will not. replaced turn switch and bulbs all around
i just need the answer that all
Replaced the right rear wheel cylinder 3x due to the right brake shoe pushing the left shoe piston out of socket. Massive fluid leak when this happens. I am lost for answers on this. Help Please and Thank You !!
are there other seals and hoses and anything else I should get done well there are replacing rear main seal?
I have oilleaking on the ac compresser which lead me to believe that I need to replace my came seals. Just replaced valce cover gasket a month ago.
Would anyone know why the compressor on the a/c stops when engine gets hot. Tried charging it and it shuts off too.
They turn but wont go in. Do they screw in or push in?
my car died twice today while driving. the second time it wouldnt start. it would try to turn over. we towed it home and finally got it started by holding the key down. now its making all kinds of noise. do u having and ideal whats going on. havent had any problems till today