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finnaly will crank and run for the next 3 weeks.
Replaced fuel filter 2 times.
replaced Idle valve 1 time .
replaced battery 1 time.
I Checked the Yoke for Wear, it showed a Little, But Not enough to Leak??? Is the next Step Replacing the Pinion Bearings?
Tapping noise only when engine is cold, once warmed up and driven it subsides and disappear after few minutes.
everytime i drive it has the trouble getting up to speed and the stalling happened last night
Driving down the road with low beams on, they sometimes go off randomly... I can then either turn on my fog lights so that I have some light or go back to high beams, but still no low beams, then on thier own, they might come back on at some point....
i have to give it some gas at idle or it will stall out, and as soon as i shift to any other gears it dies
I ran my battery down and now I need the code to reset my radio?
I am having a tough time locating a used rear axle for the 1997 T100....was hoping maybe a certain year of Tundra or Tacoma used the same rear axle?? Or a chevy anything?
eel bearing
I just want to take it off to paint it.
Since all the other windows work fine, its not the fuses. It does not make any noise when the button is pushed both from the door itself, and the driver's side controls. The light on door is working, so I presume its getting power. Does this mean the window motor is shot?
mileage 120,000
otherwise in good repair
Anyone have a detailed diagram of where it's located? Or know where I can find one? Thanks.
how much clearer can my question be
how much clearer can my question be