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every time i step on the gas it rattles pretty hard from im guessing under the motor. then whn i release the gas it runs smooth.

the driverside door on my 99 honda will not open from the inside outside or with a key not sure what to do i took it to a body shop but they cant figure it out either?


i got fire ,gas tried 1-4-2-5-3-6,1-2-3-4-5-6,1-2-3-4-6-5,still not running got scan tool hooked up error keep comming up told that pcm would be only reason for no code but it never started.please help ps ran before parked

Our van usually runs good but the last 6 months it has begun dieing when you back out of the driveway or stop at lights. Also has started tapping louder and louder.

Im good with doing mechanical things.

I have a leak on the passenger side. When raining, water drips out the back of my glove box. Would like to know what I could expect to pay for either a new gasket, or new cowl.

idle was rough, i have used throttle body cleaner and toothbrush to clean around throttle opening. I am getting codes E41,E58 and F48

was told it could be the cylinder on engine needs tobe replaced what cost am I looking at

When driving 40 miles at night it happened 8-10 times yesterday.

the grinding is from the front passenger side wheel. what could b wrong

Even if i completely disconnect the stereo system I am get very very loud noises through my speakers which occured after installing the air ride conversion kit. I have tried disconnecting the system in the back of the trunk.. Is there a fuse or other system i need to turn off? Sounds like a short, but i cant find it. It comes on randomly and scares the driver because its totally unexpected......

Today, trying to get on the interstate, the fasted speed I could safely get to was 60mph. The car will shift but just sounds like it is idling very high and the RPMs are high. My Service Engine Soon light now has come on but I haven't gotten it scanned yet. Any suggestions are helpful. Thank you!

I recently purchased my 2003 VW Golf and a few weeks ago changed the oil after noticing it was time to do so (I did it myself). I used the proper oil and such, but now the oil indicator light keeps coming on, usually 10 minutes into my drive, flashes and beeps, but never stays on (just flashing). Is this a malfunction in the car computer or is there something wrong with my oil (I rechecked it, clear, full and fine). Thanx

my expediton will move in reverse, but not neutral or drive. it has transmission fluid. i had got a transmission flush, then it started this problem.