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I replaced the power steering pump but it didn't help any ideas? only does it at 15 mph or above, when I make a left hand turn.
The inflatable restraint light stays on. (Air bag)
Park at Airport and the water run out of the car.
changed the fuel filter and sparkplugs and wires changed the front 02 sensor as well im out od ideas? any advice helps thanks
New brakes, new tires, regular maintenance. I was very impressed with how well it was maintained.
Has 155,000 miles on it. No new money needs to go into the car. However, there is some sort of light that is up regarding air flow??? Mechanic didnt see anything.

I am a college student applying to dental school this next year and will use to drive to certain interviews. I would like it to last through most/all of dental school. So an additional 5 or 6 years from now. Is this a good investment?
My problem is not having the key for it to be done properly. Is there anyway to just by-pass it without the key or even simply deactivate it completely?
My alarm just goes off randomly, while it is sitting still and locked. usually once or twice daily.
code p0451
I have already found the actual radiator cap to be faulty, the whole spring mech was missing and it was just dumping coolant to the overflow tank. so I replaced that and I also replaced the thermostat. is there an coolant bleeder valve that i'm not seeing or is there another issue I should be considering?
Radio, fans, wipers, windows and door locks only work if engine is off.
The key will not turn to OFF resulting in the key not releasing from the slot. When I shift the trans out of Park and back, it will occasionally allow the key to turn. Is this a Trans or ignition problem?
get a estimate on the labor and part ive only had the car two yrs and it has 71,000 miles on it should this be going on.
we have replaced shocks,absorbers, balljoints and sway arm linkage. But it continues to do it.
It has happened on three occasions in the past month. Each time, I'm accelarating from a stop (red light) and boom, something catches. I have 73k miles on this pre-owned vehicle.