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I have this 2003 CV and a mechanic says I have to replace the Heater Blender Motor. He says you have to remove the whole dash and wants a lot of money to replace it. I wanted to see if I want to tackle myself.

The car is shimmering at around 20 miles an hour.

Nissa Altima 2003 2.5 How I can repair it? I already bought the part I just need to know where it is and how to do it?

starts squeaking when accelerating

i bought the car used with 172k seems the car has a few issues:

1) the car seems to stall or trys to stall when in drive so i have to place it in neutral to prevent that from happening then in drive when pulling off.

2) it seems to idle high like if the car shuts off on me and i try to crank it back up i have to keep giving it gas as it's trying to turn over or fire up. once it does start up my rpm is in the 3000 like as if my foot is on the gas to rev up the engine.

3) if i'm out all day driving or at a stand still my temp gauge is going up like near or a cpl times in the red but as soon as i start driving w/o stopping it will come back down to 1/2 mark.

lastly i've noticed when my foot is on the brakes in drive the car will all of a sudden jurk fwd an times my foot can be off the gas pedal and the car will drive fwd on it's own.

thanks for all help in answering my questions to anyone

I just replaced the water pump, termostat, main water hoses today. Used propper gaskets and tork on bolts.

I thought for sure it was the water pump but it's not. It heats up an coolant really starts gushing out.

It's my Marine sons Jeep and he needs it to get back to base soon. I just spent $200 on the water pump etc/.

What am I looking at money wise to fix this main seal leak, Not sure if I can do this... Appreciate any help.
Thank you,


Can the passenger side through off seven codes?

I tried bleeding my breaks in the rear but i am not getting and fluid back there. i did run the resivor dry could that be the problem?

i put the car in gear and the engin revs but the car doesnt go anywere the car was overheating a little but we fixed that but we just dont know.

are there fuses i change/ Do you know how to make it work again. How much

I canot drive over 2 miles before it starts to over heats

I recently had oil pan gasket and front crank seal replaced. Now it is leaking from timing cover. How detailed of a job cost wise is this and should anything else be checked ? vehicle has 130,000 miles and otherwise runs great

how to take the older bearing out please

Have replaced pcv, egr, no problems in exhaust system, replaced
air and gas filters as well. engine codes to an 02 sensor.

My used 2005 Toyota Corolla came with mutagi racing wheels 18". I hate the ride and want to go back with OEM wheels. I found some on Craigslist and want to buy but dont know it they will fit. Thanks