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i windows, speakers, turn signals wont work. but the husband can run a wire from the battery to the window motor and it will work. his uncle said something about the turn signal knob could be bad. but he hooked up a toggle switch for the blower motor and it smoked and that is when everything started to quit working.
looking up the computer online it say that there is onboard programing after installation. is this something that come with instruction so i can do it myself or do i have to take it to a machanic?
the temperature gauge looks like its getting hot, but the fans dont come on unless you turn on the air conditioner. i have changed fan relays, thermostat, and coolant temperature sensor. now what?
hard starting was diagnosed as bad battery cable
I have had this car looked at 2 times in the past month and they keep saying its fine. the first time was a recall they said, second time it was electrical and now its still jerks in reverse. Please help!
Truck was making noise everytime step on accelorator
Car temp ran high and the warning came on for check engine temp and reduced engine power. Shut off car no steam coming out or under. Waited 15min and started car up and it ran fine. The check engine light comes on every other fill up. Any suggestions as to cause
Horn and flashing lights wil activate when there is no one around
$1,000 work done in January
I have looked all over the engine compartment, but cant find it.
I tried adding refridgerant to it, but it won't take a charge.
every 3 to 4 months
I drove my car yesterday morning and everything was fine. I went to start it yesterday afternoon and the key won't turn at all. The steering wheel isnt locked and I was able to get it into Neutral to push it in the garage. Any ideas?
makes a whirrring noise, transmission or transfer case? can drop down a gear and it drives but still heara slight noise
My truck will shift into park, drive, reverse, etc, but it gets stuck in 2nd gear when you try to drive down the road. You have to punch it to get it that far, we discovered that while trying to limp it home.