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all lights are off thinking has to be a motor or a part with a winding
How much more will it be for struts?
most common ac leak spot, already replaced valve
brake lights stay on so how do i remove and replace brake light switch
brake lights stay on so how do i remove and replace brake light switch
Brake light will not go off
Quick pumps on pedal causes it on forward motion. XE Desert Runner, A/T. Turning on and off clears lite, until the next time backing.
The main problem is lack of power and at one time it wold stall at a stop....Now it will not pass 3000rpm while driving. Recently had the Transmission flushed and did not help the problem. The codes i have been researching are: P0733, P1140, P0731, P0171, far i have narrowed the codes to the mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor and could use some help with the others. Any help would be appreciated....
I have a salvaged 1993 4x4 with manual hubs. I also have a 1994, V-6 4x4, auto trans. w/auto hubs. Is it possible to switch hubs and install the manual hubs on my 1994? I want to save mileage.
It doesn't work anymore. Car has some power because it still dings when the door opens. I turn the key and all i hear is a ticking noise. someone please help!
Car was running fine until moms boyfiend started disconnecting the battery to look at other problems. So therefore, my common sense tells me it still has to do with the battery in some way.
dash light flashes-pump sounds,front end not going up at all, diagnostic reading says replace front suspension sensors
The seat belt failed to retract back into door and I inadvertently shut the third door on it rendering the door stuck.
Usually it goes away after about ten minutes
Greg's Auto...Question about total check of coolant system outlined yesterday in my request for help...I replied today to your suggestion about hydracarbons in system...I ment to
ask you about the lack of heat up to the system's Rad return
hose. System totally in play...ran engine to operating temp...about 210...checked the top feeder rad was about normal temp...Checked Rad return no heat. However, when I disconect the return hose and run engine coolant flows through hose and heats up as the temp goes up
in the engine while running...THE RAD RETURN HOSE REMINING
COOL TO THE TOUCH HAS BE COURIOUS. Also, as noted in my first
scream for HELP...With cooling system totally hooked up and the engine off...I opened the Rad Cap...squeez the feeder hose and it forces coolant out of the cap opening...I squeezed the lower return hose...the same happens it forces coolant out the Rad Cap as well....That tells me that the return hose and radiator are not blocked...Right or Wrong.

It like it isn't getting enougn fuel to go I have a very tight buget and need it fixed and was wonder what it could be and if anyone knows how much it wll cost to get fixed