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Changed Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor.
Changed Air Intake volve Sensor

My air is not cold, in my H3?

I have 160,000 on truck and have owned since brand new. Never really had any problems with it but have always had a slight knock especially on startup. Bug has gotten worse and does not go away.

also i get vibration wnen stepping on brakes (the steering wheel shakes) is this also a result of the bad front wheel bearings?

My brakes just went out on 90 cad. What could be wrong and how can I fix it for cheap?

I was told by a friend I have a cracked heater core, I don't know! I have what looks like steam or smoke & the smell of the radiator coming thru the vents on the interior. Also I have what looks like corrosion & rust in the radiator reservoir.

can not find starter

where is the fuel filter located

the rear tail light is broken and needs to be replaced as soon as possible

The ignition key is not the original key and has never actually work right. I had a little trouble tuning it on, but know it is stuck and I have to pull the plug wires to kill the engine. I believe I have read somewhere that this is a common problem with this make of car. Would you recommend a locksmith or car shop for repair?

We can not see the heat and cool control at night.

it give no warning, no code, no ck engine light and after ten min or about that it start up no problem. dealer has put new everything related to fuel system and its a problem that i just don't know

There is not enough clearance. Do I have to lift the engine up?

The first time was the car went over a bump and the wipers come on and stayed unil the key was turn off and the fuse removed. Even when you turn the wipers on after a few minutes it will run at regular speed and you move them high speed but you can not turn them off. the lastest is the wipers come on with the engine off and key removed. and ran until was was dead.

where greese stock