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My Ford Explorer waterpump gave out and I took it to a certified Mechanic shop. Repair will use a new Motorcraft pump and parts. Total cost estimate is $500. Does this sound about right for this job?
Today, 6/18/12, when I started my car I heard this loud noise coming from under the hood. It never stopped the entire trip to work. Has anyone had this occur? BTW It never ran hot. Do you think it's harming the engine? Thx. (No codes showed up on the screen.) it did it again on the drive home.
Car is throwing a P0420 code, I've had the cat. converter replaced (sept 2011). What other problems could this be? I had both O2 sensors replaced in May 2009, could they be bad already?
leaking around the back of valve cover
what causes the ABS and ASC light to go on and off frequently?
my car just stopped and when i jump started it managed to drive wirh a red light of battery generator. but when i remove the battery terminal is just switch off.
location of transmission filter on 2004 pilot
I believe it may be the spiral cable that needs to be replaced but I have no idea of the cost of this repair.
Can you help me?
it happens every time i turn off the car. it never just suddenly turns off it always has a little sputter and a little shake in the engine. I bought car about a year ago and not sure about mileage maintence care.
would like to know what it means. thanks
What is the problem
I had a car accident with a few scrapes and one big piece of damage on the back. I have an estimate, but it seems really high. How much would it cost for a few repairs or at worst to replace the whole door?
Major problem? minor problem? Dealer repair, or good local shop?
When I turn the key to the on postion there are times the engine will not start. When I jiggle the key and keeping turning the ignition on and off several times the engine will start. It is as though ther is no electricity to the ignition.
The smell is like a sour smell. I know the cabin air filter is in the engine compartment and I plan to change today. Any other ideas anyone may have. Thanks