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It happened last night when I tried to start the car. I have the BIG Element garage book and it's daunting to find what exactly I need to fix the car!! UGH

Would like to do fuel pressure test,can't find Schrader valve.Is there a Schrader valve on this model?

3.0 L engine. 89,000/mi , not giving any codes. My husband changed the idle intake at the beginning. Nothing helps. We have done a tune up.

I got on the indicator light in my front panel which is said Check engine. When I scanner the car with the computer I got this code PO 740 tcc. At the present the car is not showing any malfunctioning it working fine. Why I got this code. Mileage in my car 81,000.

car will stall during warm-up mostly but also stalls @ stop lights.Would like to do fuel pressure test but can't find aSchrader valve.Is there one on this model

What is the firing order for 2007 Chevrolet cobalt 2.2L.Can you send me cylinder number diagram?Thanks

Mostly happens when travaling at low speeds or when shifting from first to second.

new batteries

I dont believe I need anything else but a good ground for the clutch to engage. I have votage to the pressre switch and the relay

Starts fine when warm

then it acts as if its running out of fuel and stalls. in town driving will consist of stalling at every light i have to stop for, truck will start up again with no hesitation what so ever. when its under a load ( pulling a trailer) it happens faster . when the outside temperature is under about 65 it will not react the same way even while driving in town. seems it has something to do with the ambient temp/engine temp. Have had complete recent tune up, replaced radiator, thermastat, cat converter,map sensor , idle control valve but to no avail. trk has 138000, this began about 100,000. does not throw any codes at all. just stalls and restarts every time until it has to sit at the next light , stop sign or any slow moving situation. when i get to my destination and it sits for a bit its ok until it warms up again. can always hear fuel pump running.

When i start my car and go for drive, the over drive works.. but later when i slow down and get faster again, the over drive does not work, rpm goes up till 3000-4000 but the speed does not go up.. that means the transmission is down?

it has been on since july of 2010 and i cannot figure out how to turn it off

also it may be the immobilzer going bad car wont start when i press down the clutch.

3.8 6cyl.
Had this problem recently. To the point car stalled on road. Restarted and off I went. Said replace gas cap. Computer said change MAF sensor. That was done. Error code went away. Car does not stall, but has a rough or intermittent hesitation. Mechanic said change coil packs. Changed all. No difference, I am out another $100.00 . OK, still hesitates. Mechanic says change harmonic balancer? Sounds expensive. Only fuel used has been Chevron. Filters are all new. In order of least expensive parts to most expensive procedure what do we do next? No error codes are indicated.