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I can put it in gear without depressing the clutch and of course, it doesn't engage. What is the problem?

there is also a clicking noise that is kind of muffled when the tire rotates on the drivers side..just started after changing out the knuckle rotors calipers and master cylinder. I also changed the steering box,pump and tie rod ends. Note does not shake anymore since changing the master cylinder.
I have a code reader car md and it says I have a plug in my book to plug it in but it is not where it says it is

The handle that controls the up and down movement of the steering wheel on the left side is not working. The steering wheel is in the down position and cannot be adjusted. How hard is it to fix or is it just loose or need replaced ? Is there a set screw that tightens it ?

My car idles up and down when I stop American my check light is on

I need to replace my turn signal switch is it a part I can get through a parts dealer or is it strictly manufacturer?

I have replaced it 3 times in the last 3 years and it is out again what is causing this ONce I did it my self the other 2 times i took it to a repair shop because I thought I might have done something wrong.

replacement of transmission filter and transmission oil

My emergency brake jiggles and when I put it up it stays up but if I put my foot on the gas I can keep driving. How much do you think it would cost to repair this?

I switched fuse but it blew out again. i put after market radio and it started to blow tail light fuse only

the light stay on but dont go out

We had the battery checked and it is good, even bought a new battery and tried that. While the engine was running, we have removed both battery cables and the engine continues to run. If we turn off the engine, it will not crank unless jump-started again. What else can I check?

My car has only 32,000 mile on and had to replace the water pump. This happened 100 mile from my home. mechanic said it should have lastred longer than that.

i purchased this car from dealer in aug 2011 and when i bought it the dashboard looked shinny, i figured it was because the car was detailed before purchasing. well to the touch the dashboard is sticky. impossible to clean because if you try and clean it the dashboard started peeling up. would i have to replace whole dashboard?

Brake lights work, just no parking lights,dash, license plate illumination will not work.

Week ago driving in morning (So. Fla.)alls well no problems. Garaged at 11 AM, pull out of garage 5 PM car starts fine but idles very rough & sputters down street with no change while accelerating (loud w/little power). Changed all plugs (old were not bad looking or fouled), cleaned all air filters & MFS sensor, added injector cleaner to fuel tank. Valve cover gasket was leaking & replaced. Rechecked plugs - no fouling or oil on them. No change, Still idles ROUGH w/loss of power.