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do i have to remove the motor mount all the time
had new radiator installed after that when it gets to operating temp.the trans. is locked out. thanks jim
It was the water pump on my blazer that first broke down
It sounds like my axel actuator on my 2004 ford expedition is wore/going out. It's not engaging properly. It took off the hub assembly and visually inspected it but can't fiqure out if the seal on the bladder is blown or not. I was going to just go for it and replace, but want some input before i did. Maybe theres a sensor or something to inspect?
after you shut it off it runs fine than till next time-heard vaccuum leak pressure reg hose than throttle body -any ideas??????
VSS stopped working somewhere around 250,000. works periodically but only for a short time then stops. hAVE no idea how fast I am going and cannot locate the sensor to replace it
When temp gets warm the electric windows will stop working until I park the car and let it cool. This is a big problem because the air isnt cold so we end up stuck in a sauna inside the car. Help!
I had a tires plus guy tell me that I have a leak under my van at the u joint where my second ac unit is but I can't find a picture telling me actually where the ac line is! I need help finding a picture of what all those pipes and lines are under my van are. Thanks
Why does the car sound non-exhaust loud?
Checked the wiring at passthrough when replacing pins.. wiring good through vent valve, back to connector.. QUESTION.. with KEY ON, should I see B+ on the red/white wire? I checked it and I don't have any voltage.. when is voltage applied, at key on or at a computer detrmined time?
I know the system supplies B+ to the vent valve, and through ground, back to the ecm.. but when should I see B+? Thanks.
Noise last only a couple of seconds and at slow speeds
It will shift through the other gears but when it gets to the over drive it might shift and then there's days that it won't.
Truck keeps shutting off and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to start and then when it get's started it will go for about a mile and will shut off again. It seems to do it when it is hot and humid and after it's been on a hour trip?
When does catalytic converters need to replaced on 2005 Lincoln navigator?
My navigator stopped running after hitting a pothole. I was told by dealership that my timing chains needs to be replaced and that they would have to take the entire out of truck to check them. Is there any possibility of this being true?