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I checked low side pressure. It reads 45 at 80 degrees ambient
temp. I don't think freon is low. Could I be wrong? What else
causes a/c to just blow hot air?
Lights flicker ,wipers come on when headlights are turn on.
This causes mold and mildew in the carpets, etc. Is there a fix other than to park my car downhill on rainy days?
the upper mount is defective, do we need to disassemle the strutt assy in order to install a new bearing an mounting plate. 4wdr model.thanks pls advise
whats left wd40 or a pulley
whats left wd40 or a pulley
since its been so hot,van will start running bad n cut off,we found out to make it run again,is let air out of the valve on the gas line on top of the engine,does anyone know what causes this? and/or how to fix it?it happened 4 times yesterday,on the way home
after motor is warm oil pressure drops from 60 to 10
truck running hotter no raditor cap can't find raditor drain plug... need to change out oil pressure sencer where on engine?
it blows cold just won't switch to the roof vents
Car has 146k miles. Well maintained. Clean fluid that's full. Shifted fine before this happened. Step on brake pedal, and hear the shiftlock disengage.
I was applying pressure to the gas peddle but the vehicle keep decelerating
1997 dodge ram 2500 4 wheel drive, extended cab,
i tested the connecter for power and only got it at the top left terminal which seems to be working the fuel gauge . what do i do now?
I bought the car with 66k for $6,700 I didn't bother to get a carfax. When I did check the carfax report it said the car has 160k and it is only work $5,000 thats a big lose. is there any way there was a mistake?