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.car was not driven on flat.
does it use orifice or expansion valve
My car sits for a day or 2 and the battery dies. I replaced battery, alternator,PCM. What could cause this problem.
checkn engine light is on while in park it shakes ive never had any problems with my car untill now ? can anyone help me. its driveable but i prefer not to go far..
The dealer ran a diagnostic and said mine needs to be replaced but I don't know why?
2001 Mazda Millenia 2.5l has codes P1250,P1522 and p305.

1. Where is the fuel pressure regulator control valve circuit/selonoid located on Mazda Millenia 2.5l? Thought it was the fuel pressure regulator itself and changed it. But code showed up against and I need to know where the selonoid/valve for fuel pressure regulator is to fix the problem.

2. The car has also code P305, cylinder #5 misfiring.Is this due to the codes p1250 and p1522? Is the misfiring on cylinder #5 due to the failed camshaft timing adjustment valve or PRC valve?

3. On the other hand, despite the replacement of the valve cover gasket, oil is leaking badly around the "neck" of the coil pack (front driver's side)and pouring on alternator (passenger's side). I noticed that type of leaking on most Mazda Millenias in the Junk Yard in my city. Is this problem specific to that type of Mazda?

4. I used stop leak fluid and they indicated that it should fix the leak after 1,000miles. Can that oil leak cause heating problems? Fortunately, the car does not overheat easily as before after replacing the thermostat, sensor, upper hose and overflow tank and cap.

5. Can the failed camshaft timing adjustment valve cause oil leak, overheating or preventing the car from starting sometimes at first crank?

6. Can a tree shade mechanic (usually found around Autozone) fix a camshaft timing adjustment?

As a matter of fact, the car runs good and I drove it for 60 miles without overheating.

Please advise on the leak around the coil pack (is there a gasket around that area that wore off?) and alternator as well as how to fix the failed camshaft timing adjustment valve?
Engine light came on--thought it was gas cap but
above part was put in to the tune of $500 Did I just need a new gas cap?
Initially the shift lever seemed loose but you could still get the transmission into park. It will no longer go in park but I can manually place it in park at the transmission. I can still shift into reverse, neutral, drive etc....just will no longer go into park.
When trying to engage in REV/PRK, linage feels like it's binding, & feels like backpressure is applied. I'm currently seeking Linkage diagram for troubleshooting.
I'm assuming that the hose should be tight. Is this a broker o -ring
About 90% of the time, my heat gauge doesn't operate. but sometimes it randomly clicks on and works just like normal. What should I do to try and fix this?
However, when I apply the brakes, the sound stops. Also, I do not hear the sound while it is raining. Where do you think this squeeky sound is coming from?
Something sounds loose in the rear end when riding over bumps,but tends to swasy when on the highway.
obd readiness monitors are not ready
My Ford Explorer waterpump gave out and I took it to a certified Mechanic shop. Repair will use a new Motorcraft pump and parts. Total cost estimate is $500. Does this sound about right for this job?